Amara La Negra: What You Have To Know


5 curious facts you should know about Amara la Negra.

The television presenter, actress and singer Amara la Negra will be part of the new season of the reality show “Our Latin Beauty” from Univision.

The interpreter of Dominican descent will be the host of the beauty mansion in “Nuestra Belleza Latina”, for which she promises to entertain viewers with her charm, talent and sympathy.

Amara la Negra is best known for her participation in reality shows such as “Love & Hip-Hop: Miami” and “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”.

What you have to know:

1. Amara la Negra is her stage name

The 30-year-old star is known in the entertainment industry as Amara la Negra, but her real name is Diana Danelys De Los Santos.

According to their BiographyDe Los Santos chose the artistic name of Amara la Negra after being part of a musical group called ‘Amara’. While it is true that the group broke up, the singer kept Amara’s name and added ‘La Negra’, after being repeatedly asked: ‘Who is the black girl in the group?’

2. He started his artistic career at an early age

At 4 years old, Black Amara He made his debut in the entertainment industry with his participation in the television show “Sábado Gigante”, hosted by Don Francisco and broadcast on Univision.

At the beginning of her artistic career, ‘La Negra’ was also a dancer for great stars such as Celia Cruz and Tito Puente.

3. She is an influential businesswoman

Along with her role as a television star, Amara la Negra is an influential businesswoman with important real estate businesses in the Dominican Republic.

Today, Amara is one of the majority investors in Amara Residences, a residential complex that will soon be built in the town of Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic.

The television host is also the founder of the construction company DreamBig and owner of several tourist apartments that are rented in the Dominican Republic through the platform of Airbnb.

4. She is happily in love

Amara la Negra has a love affair with Allan Mueses, an important Dominican real estate agent.

According to their official profile On Instagram, Mueses is the founder of Soluciones Allan, a company that provides real estate, financial and legal services to its exclusive clientele.

The new boyfriend de ‘La Negra’ has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is a graduate of Western Michigan University.

Amara La Negra and Allan Mueses have been together over the course of eight months, but they recently made their love affair public.

The website MEAWW reported that the couple met when the singer and actress was trying to enter real estate businesses in the Dominican Republic.

5. She is the daughter of Dominican parents

Born in the city of Miami in 1990, Black Amara She is the daughter of Dominican parents and grew up in a family that retains its Latino roots.

The parents of The Black They are native to the towns of Samaná and San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic. Despite growing up in the United States, the star is very proud of her Latino roots.

Currently, Amara la Negra lives between the United States and the Dominican Republic because of professional commitments.