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July 14, 2021 – 7:16 pm Clock

Maxime Herbord is the 8th Bachelorette

Now SHE is the focus: In 2018, Maxime Herbord was still collecting roses as a Bachelor candidate, but this summer she will change her perspective. The 26-year-old follows in the footsteps of Melissa Damilia, Nadine Klein & Co. and becomes the eighth Bachelorette! “I am now as happy as I have never been in my life,” proclaims Maxime – and that’s exactly why it is exactly the right time for her for the Bachelorette adventure. How she imagines the half-Dutch woman to be her dream man among the 20 candidates, she reveals in the video above.

The Bachelorette at a glance

Maxime trades Dutch tulips for red roses.

  • Alter: 26
  • Place of residence: Herzogenrath
  • Profession: communication designer and content creator
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Hobbies: drawing, painting, playing guitar, gambling, reading

She can fall in love quickly

“To fish the one out”, Maxime dreams of her time as a Bachelorette. The fact that she is looking for love this summer is an “incredibly good feeling” for her – even if she cannot really grasp it yet. When it starts, the big emotions could catch up with you very quickly. “For me it is so that I can fall in love quickly,” she says before her trip. Your hope: that one or the other candidate will “crackle right from the start”.

In 2018, Maxime left voluntarily as a Bachelor candidate – basket for Daniel Völz!

Maxime was a Bachelor candidate in Daniel Völz's season in 2018. After six weeks, however, she voluntarily ended the trip.

Maxime was a Bachelor candidate in Daniel Völz’s season in 2018. After six weeks, however, she voluntarily ended the trip.


When she was a Bachelor candidate in Daniel Völz’s season in 2018, that was not the case. No crackling, no sparks. And that’s why the then very cautious 26-year-old left the field in the sixth week and let the other ladies go first. She said goodbye to her bachelor’s degree with the honest words “You don’t suit me so well”. “When I think about it now, I think that’s really good of me,” says Maxime three years later as a new Bachelorette. She also hopes for this honesty from her candidates.

Maxime was with Bachelorette candidate David Friedrich

Maxime’s last relationship wasn’t too long ago: In spring 2019, she and ex-Bachelorette candidate David Friedrich made their love public after weeks of playing hide-and-seek. The musician got the last rose from ex-Bachelorette Jessica Paszka in 2017, but the relationship only lasted a few months. And the relationship with Maxime Herbord wasn’t meant to be forever either. In February 2021, they announced their split.

“It will be funny” – and also “normal”

When asked how Maxime wants to be remembered as a Bachelorette, there is a surprising answer: “Normal”. The graphic designer explains: “I come from the village, grew up in Holland, have normal friends and I want to keep it all beautiful.” It is guaranteed not to be boring, because in Maxime there is also a “idiot” with a lot of heart. And on top of that she guarantees: “It will be funny!”

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