Barbora Mochowa stamped a stamp of hope in the clip “Wait for Life”

We will have to wait a while for the follower of the album “Waiting for the White Raven”. However, Barbora Mochowa is already attracting to the upcoming novelty “Will o ‘the Wisp” with the single “Wait for Life”. She collaborated on it again with Viliam Béreš. The accompanying video was then shot by actor and singer Petr Lexa from Tears.

“‘Wait for Life’ is a song that expresses hope, an effort to come to terms with a past that sometimes doesn’t make you sleep, and a transition to joy. I don’t know if I’ve done so well in my life, but I’ve done it at least in this song.” approaches the origin of the single Barbora herself. The clip was filmed during a sunny autumn day in Prague’s Prokop Valley. The group of shots not only about the main actress is not complicated in its composition and benefits from the rule that less is sometimes more. The added element with a mysterious figure then shifts this ethereally veiled composition.

“I first registered Bara in Eurovision a few years ago. Even then, my specific voice color and sense of catchy melodies stuck in my memory. Now our journeys have come together through the fellow musicians. Bara was looking for a director for her music video, so I offered. She sent me a song, I fell in love with it from the first note and I knew I had to film it, we agreed on a simple visual concept, which is mainly about the mood and the overall atmosphere of the clip, but we still managed to get an inconspicuous story into it. Bara was great during the filming, she had her own vision, but she still let herself be guided in a slightly different direction, and I feel that thanks to that we managed to find an interesting and maybe atypical position for her. “ the director sums up. Mochowa participated in the national round of the Eurovison Song Contest 2019 with the song “True Colors”, and finished just behind the winning Lake Malawi. In addition to her five-year-old debut “Waiting for the White Raven”, she was surprised in 2020 by a successful collection of cover versions of “Tribute to Leonard Cohen”. It became part of Leonard Cohen’s book publication and authorized biography of “I’m Your Man”. Barbora Mochowa plans to release the aforementioned album “Will o ‘the Wisp” next year on the domestic label Tranzistor. The recording will feature nine compositions, including the original unabridged versions of the previously known pair of “True Colors” and “White & Black Holes”. At the same time, the singer expanded her concert line-up. In addition to the Unique Quartet, David Landštof is now playing the drums and keyboardist Martin Krópa Kryštof.