Beautiful Memories of Katon Bagaskara with his brother Andre Manika : Okezone Celebrity

KATON Bagaskara, the younger brother of the late Andre Manika, admitted that he was very saddened by the loss of his brother forever. Andre, according to Katon, became the person who inspired him to make music.

“Since I was in 6th grade, I have seen Mas Andre compose songs, play guitar, compose poetry using handwriting. So it was through him that I actually got to know music,” Katon recalled about Andre Manika, by telephone on MNC Portal, Thursday (29 /7/2021).

Not only that, the music world that Andre Manika is really engaged in has influenced Katon to become a great musician in the future. Moreover, seeing Andre’s success every time he arranges a song.

“The blessing given by God to Mas Andre in the music world is truly extraordinary. Whatever he does, he always wins in the national-level church group vocal competition. I am a living witness to his success,” said Katon.

“In fact, our father, who has a military background, didn’t like Mas Andre’s interest in music. Once, Mas Andre was transferred to Central Java. However, because his talent was there, even though he was transferred, Mas Andre also formed a vocal group there and was successful again. ,” added Kathon.

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Even though he was inspired by Andre Manika, Katon realized that his life was different from his brother’s. Yes, he prefers Pop music, while his brother is Spiritual music.

“We have different paths, indeed, but my musical roots mostly come from what I saw and learned through Mas Andre. We both like music, but we have different callings,” said Katon.

Now, the sister has left. The beautiful memory that Katon has with Andre Manika will be a beautiful memory in his life history.

Andre Manika, a musician and songwriter, breathed his last on Wednesday 28 July 2021 at 19.00 WIB. According to the family, Andre died sleeping at a relative’s house in Sukorejo, Central Java.

Andre Manika’s body will also be buried in Giriloyo, Magelang, Central Java. Families can only watch the procession of bathing the corpse to the funeral via video call.