Ben Affleck, J Balvin And Adamari López, Protagonists Of The Most Talked About News Of The Week

What a week the world of Latin entertainment has had! A heartthrob protecting his maid, the revelation that the flame of love is still alive in one of the most beloved exes on television and a painful wardrobe failure on a red carpet were the most talked about news of the week.

Through a survey we conducted on Instagram, our followers shared the names of celebrities who have stolen their attention in recent days. Based on your answers, Ben Affleck, Adamari Lopez and J Balvin They are the famous ones that have been on everyone’s lips. We tell you why!

Ben Affleck confronts and pushes a fan to defend JLo

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Batman in action! Like straight out of a scene from the superhero movie he starred in, Ben Affleck didn’t hesitate to defend Jennifer Lopez during a very close encounter they had with a fan, whom the actor had to confront and push.

As reported in different media, the accident It happened at the Marco Polo International Airport in the city of Venice. Apparently a fan of the Diva from the Bronx managed to circumvent the safety of the stars and tried to go over and take a picture with her. Affleck didn’t hesitate for a second to act to protect his love.

After the small impasse, the bodyguards of the two stars took possession of the situation and the couple of lovebirds were able to continue with their itinerary.

Adamari López reveals that she still loves Toni Costa

Ben Affleck J Balvin and Adamari Lopez protagonists of the

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Adamari López adorns the most recent cover of the printed edition of People in spanish. The television star exclusively revealed details of the transformation she has undergone in her life, her new cycle as a single mom and her current relationship with her ex-partner Toni Costa.

López, who recently came to his 50 years, He confessed that his heart still vibrates for the Spanish dancer, but added about his breakup: “There are things that I could not allow for myself, but especially for my daughter. He and I know what happened. He knows why. I did not make the decision. lightly, it was not a tantrum. It is not a whim, it is not a punishment. “

For his part, the choreographer was not far behind and also revealed that despite no longer being with his daughter’s mother, the possibility of a reconciliation is something he longs for. “I miss her, I love her, we have to win back. I miss home. We have put a lot for both parties in that home and of course she is strange,” Costa revealed.

J Balvin ends up with painful marks on his neck from the outfit he wore to the Met Gala

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J Balvin/Instagram J Balvin

For J Balvin that saying that “fashion does not bother” seems not to do justice for what he recently lived with the outfit he wore during the prestigious Met Gala in New York City.

The Colombian singer was one of the Latin stars who shone with his own light at the recent event, wearing a colorful Moschino signature wardrobe that included several chains that hung from his neck.


After the event, Balvin went to his social networks to show his followers the awesome brands that the accessories he wore left around his neck. “This putting on chains, that is put on once a year and the chapter is closed,” said the music star about the painful moment.