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Ben Affleck will go down in history for dividing fans with his portrayal of Batman. For many, his work on Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – 27% is the best adaptation of the hooded man, but others consider him rather mediocre when compared to Christian Bale or Michael Keaton. To analyze the character we must take into account that Bruce Wayne and Batman inhabit the same body, but their personalities are totally different. In that sense, the vast majority think that Affleck is a great Batman, but not a very good Bruce Wayne. Be that as it may, bringing this hero to life was far from easy and it certainly left a mark on the actor.

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In addition to the constant contempt of some, the critics did not receive well these films of DC, and although Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82% helped improve the general opinion, Affleck had already fired the role although it was not entirely his decision. In principle, The Batman would be an individual story to give the actor the opportunity to continue with the hooded man without the ties of the Snyderverse. Unfortunately, the production had many problems and the actor began to be the only figure interested in his proposal. He would write, direct, produce and star in the film, but after much analysis it was decided to give a younger actor a chance.

Say that Affleck’s passing by DC It was a bittersweet experience is an understatement. For years, the interpreter sought the opportunity to demonstrate his capabilities for the role and could never quite reach it. However, a small ray of hope is born with the film The Flash, which has also gone through a lot of changes and delays. It was confirmed long ago that this film would showcase multiverses and bring Keaton and Affleck back in what is now believed to be a showdown like no other.

Fans are hoping that the film works to shut the mouths of those who dared to criticize Affleck, and it seems that he himself has a similar hope, especially since the actor feels less pressure than years ago when he took on the role. In an interview for Variety, Ben Affleck He explained that this time it was much more fun being Batman:

It was a really nice way to revisit this as the previous experience was difficult.

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The actor cannot give many details because the story of The Flash is still being kept under wraps, but he reaffirmed his comment:

This was very nice. Really fun.

I had a great time. I’m probably under some rule of silence that I have no idea that I probably just violated and will now be sued.

It is well known that the actors who are part of this type of productions have very strict clauses to avoid leaks to the public and journalists. That’s why Affleck can’t quite explain what he means that things were fun, but he’s clearly feeling a lot more relaxed now. Who has the weight of doubts and expectations at the moment is Robert Pattinson, whose version of Batman should have been released this October.

In addition to returning as Batman, Affleck enjoyed the company of Ezra Miller and the opportunity to meet old colleagues:

I love Ezra and I got a chance to see Jason [Momoa], who’s over there filming Aquaman.

The Flash, eventually directed by Andy Muschietti, is from a script by Christina Hodson, best known for writing Bumblebee – 95% and Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of a Harley Quinn – 75%, and will continue the well-known story of Flashpoint. The Flash series – 100% has already made his own adaptation of this plot, where Flash travels in time to save his mother and ends up creating various timelines that collapse and put reality itself at risk. Although it is something that we have already seen and which is also one of the classic stories of this character, the script seems to have several surprises in store, and after seeing how Flash was improved in the version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League the fans really have faith in this project.

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