Big Brother Vip, the Salassi Sisters have been summoned for important family events: will they really be princesses?

AND storm on Selassiè sisters, the princesses competitors competing at Big Brother Vip. A few hours ago, the production published on social channels that the «Selassié sisters are receiving information on important family matters “. To emphasize the term ‘sisters‘ and not ‘princesses‘, a detail that could be crucial to understand what is happening.

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Yesterday, the Today magazine published an investigation in which he went deep into the family tree of Lucrezia, Clarissa and Jessica, claiming to have discovered than three o’clock joint they are not great-grandchildren of the Ethiopian Negus, the King of kings, Haile Selassié. The magazine has announced that it has come into the possession of some documents which prove unequivocally that the father of three sisters committed to GF Vip is not part of the relationship of the last Ethiopian emperor. The weekly claimed that the man his name is Giulio and not Aklile Berhan Makonnen Hailé Selassié. Therefore he has no blood connection with the Duke of Harar, the second son of the Negus.

Not only that: at the moment, tal Giulio, that is the father of Clarissa, Jessica and Lucrezia, would be found in prison, in Lugano. He always reports Today which explains that the man was arrested in Luxembourg last June for fraud and then extradited to Swiss land where he is currently imprisoned in the Lugano penitentiary.

As soon as the GF Vip made it known that the three sisters were made aware of important family issues, without however specifying what it is, the magazine Oggi, on its social profiles, has advanced this hypothesis: “Girls may not be aware that the dad would have tampered with the documents. ”

But, therefore, the question remains as to how Julius would have managed to pass himself off as a royal descendant and if he is not a nephew of the Negus, who is he?

Always Today he wrote that Julius is the son of a gardener of the emperor. When everything fell in Ethiopia and the heirs of the King of Kings are expatriates, no longer counting on the treasure of the Negus, Julius would have convinced the legitimate heirs to close our eyes to its non-imperial origins. So he would have edited his own documents. A each other complex that if confirmed would wipe out the title of princesses of Clarissa, Jessica and Lucrezia. For this reason, that detail concerning the ‘sisters’ and not the ‘princesses’ suggests that the three girls have been informed of the events of their father Giulio.

Last updated: Friday 1 October 2021, 18:38