BTS: How To Enjoy The Online Concert ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’?

The virtual concert of BTS, called ‘Permission To Dance On Stage‘to be held in South Korea and it will be broadcast to all parts of the world, it is getting closer and closer. Therefore, in this note we leave you a guide so you can enjoy the show.

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In order to fully enjoy the bts online concert, the K-Pop band has released a fun guide to organize the previous preparations to appreciate the show Without inconveniences.

It should be noted that, BTS’s online concert to be broadcast live will be held on October 24 from Seoul South Korea. While the concert in format In person, it will take place from November 27 to 28 and from December 1 to 2 in Los Angeles, United States.

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Guide to enjoy ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ to the fullest

  • Check your devices: It is best to check the connection of your phone, tablet or other device before the concert of BTS. Remember that You can only open the concert on two devices, if you start a session in a third party, the issuance of the first one will be closed.
  • Instructions to see the concert: Buy tickets at Weverse Shop, then visit the website of BTS ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ en vivo, you must register or use the name you used to buy your ticket, register your ticket and validate it. Ready, you can see the concert.
  • Soundcheck transmission: This event will take place on October 24 at 3:00 pm in Korean time. Only some people with exclusive tickets They will be able to have access to this preview and in addition, there is a unique view for the spectators.
  • Single camera broadcast: The 30th of October and all those who bought their ticket will be able to have access. What’s more, they will be able to see the main concert, without the sound check and with a single camera.

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To fully enjoy the concert of BTS, try to wear comfortable clothes, make some sandwiches, and finally, Remember the rules not to record, distribute or edit Big Hit content. Ready, to enjoy ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’.


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