Criticism of Infinite, the new sci-fi movie starring Mark Wahlberg

Review of Infinite, the new science fiction film directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Eijofor and Sophie Cookson. Premiere on Prime Video on October 22, 2021. Fresh out of the oven, we need to talk about Infinite, a film originally intended for commercial theaters that has ended up being released, through the … Read more

He wore borrowed shoes and now earns R$ 2 million from teaching English

Márcio Cafezeiro, CEO of IP School: English school with teaching “outside the curve” (IP School/Publishing) Entrepreneur Márcio Cafezeiro always understood that self-education was an important part of his personality. While still young, he managed to become fluent in the English language on his own and, therefore, decided to take his knowledge further. Years later, Cafezeiro … Read more

▷ “Let’s Love – A hut full of love”: Dating Do’s and Don’ts with Jana Ina Zarrella

19.10.2021 – 10:00 RTLZWEI Munich (ots) In your opinion, what are absolute no-gos on a first date? Jana Ina: There are of course absolute no-gos on a first date, such as arriving late. So being late isn’t cool, especially when the other person is waiting and the date partner doesn’t show up. So that doesn’t … Read more

▷ Kaspersky study shows: Social media users seek “one-way” relationships in order to …

20.10.2021 – 17:21 Kaspersky Labs GmbH Ingolstadt (ots) The COVID-19 pandemic led to increasingly one-sided relationships, so-called parasocial relationships, also in Germany, as a current Kaspersky study shows [1]. More than a third (37 percent) in Germany believe they can be friends with influencers they follow on social media. Almost one in five (17 percent) … Read more

Criticism of Ted Bundy. Inside the killer’s mind with Elijah Wood and Jack Kirby in a singular dialectical duel

Criticism of Ted Bundy. In the Killer’s Mind (Man of No God) with Elijah Wood and Jack Kirby in the roles of FBI agent Bill Hagmaier and Ted Bundy respectively. If you are fans of the subgenre of real crimes, you will already have clear the importance of one of the most ruthless murderers and … Read more

Imprisonment threatens: YouTuber “Drachenlord” is back on trial today – Emskirchen

– Every day people make a pilgrimage to Altschauerberg, to the house of YouTube star Rainer Winkler. Hate demonstrators are hostile to the “Dragon Lord” – digitally and live on site. The state of emergency in the 40-strong town could soon end: As of today, Rainer Winkler (32) is back on trial – and he … Read more