“#Metoo is very new, but this desire to expunge the tribe of some of its members touches something ultraprimitive in us”

American writer Emma Cline, in Los Angeles, in 2020. BRAD TORCHIA/THE GUARDIAN/EYEVINE/BUREAU233 Obviously, the connection falters. Obviously, the conversation between France and California begins with a succession of ” You hear me ? »,« Ah! I don’t see you anymore! “, and other exclamatory rumblings that the reader will be spared – who will probably … Read more

Eric Piolle, candidate for the EELV primary, wants to embody a new era of political ecology

Eric Piolle, EELV mayor of Grenoble, on June 30 in Paris. MARTIN BUREAU / AFP Saturday July 3, Eric Piolle gathered his support for a meeting that did not say his name at the Cité Fertile, in Pantin, in the Parisian suburbs. Quite a symbol: located in 93, the site-project embodies the popular ecology which … Read more

Reelected at the head of the RN, Marine Le Pen beats the recall for the presidential election

Speech by Marine Le Pen during the second day of the RN congress, in Perpignan, July 4, 2021. CYRIL BITTON Reelected unsurprisingly Sunday, July 4 at the head of the National Rally (RN), Marine Le Pen beat the recall of her activists gathered in congress in Perpignan for the presidential election, after a defeat in … Read more

George Clooney’s lesson in inclusivity in Hollywood

Actor George Clooney on January 13 in Los Angeles. CHELSEA LAUREN/BAFTA//SIPA Barely recovered from a year of confinement in Los Angeles with his wife, Amal, and their 3-year-old twins (“A lot of dishes and diapers to change”, the actor joked), George Clooney has started a new project. This is not a film but a school. … Read more

Marseille, the capital of the seventh art

Filming in the northern districts, as Hafsia Herzi did for “Bonne Mère”, selected in Cannes, is still difficult. © 2021 PHOTO GUY FERRANDIS / SBS PRODUCTIONS With three films selected at Cannes, Stillwater, by Tom McCarthy (out of competition), North Bac, by Cédric Jimenez (out of competition), and Good mother, Hafsia Herzi (Un certain regard), … Read more

“If you sleep with me, I select you”

To stay up to date on African news, subscribe to the “Monde Afrique” newsletter from this link. Every Saturday at 6 am, find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of “Monde Afrique”. Two players from Mali face the Angolans in a match of the African Women’s Basketball Championship in … Read more

In Afghanistan, the Taliban seize a key area near Kandahar

An Afghan forces soldier at the Bagram base, July 2, 2021. MOHAMMAD ISMAIL / REUTERS The Taliban seized, Sunday, July 4, the key district of Panjwai, in their former stronghold in Kandahar province (South), after night fighting against Afghan forces, said local authorities. For the Taliban, this is a new take on the approach of … Read more

Chile launches the process of drafting its new Constitution

The 155 citizens elected to draft a new Constitution will sit in the former Parliament or in another public building in the center of the capital, Santiago. JAVIER TORRES / AFP Chile launches, on Sunday July 4, the process of drafting its new Constitution, with the official installation of the Constituent Assembly, responsible for drafting … Read more