Kryštof turned the Czech album chart into “Halywůd”

While domestic radio continues to roll Ed Sheeran with the hit “Bad Habits”, the album chart announces a new number one. The Kryštof group alternates with its expected novelty “Halywůd” in the leadership of Vladimír Mišík, whose album “Noční obraz” reigned supreme in the past two weeks. © Asylum UK RADIO – The triumphant ride … Read more

Tommaso La Notte preview of a brilliant video, “Trains pass” …

It comes out today in an exclusive preview for All Music Italia the video of Trains go by, new single from Tommaso The Night with the production of Alessandro Grasso e Spring per Auand Records and distribution Pirames International. “From the window of your room comes September, your steps are missing from the wooden boards … Read more

Ghali Wallah text that tells the urgency of returning to dance for the rapper

Ghali Wallah text that tells the urgency, strong today as never before, to go back to dancing and being together for the new song coming out for Sto Records / Atlantic / Warner Music Italy. The single will be launched on October 29 (but it’s already in pre save who) and marks the return of … Read more

A big star grows from little Michal Horák

On Sunday, Michal Horák christened his second album, humorously named “Michalbum”, which is a loose continuation of his debut “Michal’s CD”. He had a busy program ready for the visitors, a lot of music guests came, there were also pre-jumpers Tereza Balonová and stand-up comedian Mr. Fenek. Live: Michal Horák place: Akropolis Palace, Praguedate: October … Read more

Cristina Donà launches the single “Colpa” waiting for the forthcoming album

Guilt is the new single from Cristina Donà, on the radio and in all store digital for the label Fenix Music from October 21, 2021. The piece is the second extracted from the unpublished album want soon to be released. It is a song with an obsessive rhythm that, through micro-stories and real-life images, describes … Read more

Barbora Šporclová Kodetová will introduce herself as a singer

Actress Barbora Kodetová Šporclová is primarily an actress, but she is also beginning to profile herself as an excellent singer. In the program Behind the Rainbow, which he will present on October 26 at 7 pm in the Professional House of the IFF on Malostranské náměstí in Prague, he will pay tribute to his singing … Read more

More People Fits in Music Pavê

by Music Pave @ 19/10/2021 Like a mother’s heart, there are more people here in the Pave Music, and maybe that space has to be filled by you. Have you thought? Who is this space at Música Pavê for? For people who love music more than they need to, way more than most, and who … Read more