The skeleton of “Big John”, the largest known triceratops, sold for 6.6 million euros, a record

The “Big John” skeleton is 60% complete. FRANCOIS MORI / AP The skeleton of “Big John”, an eight-meter-long triceratops, was auctioned Thursday, October 21 in Paris at 6.6 million euros (including costs) to an American individual. This is a record in Europe for the sale of a dinosaur fossil. 66 million years old, “Big John” … Read more

The Vikings were in America exactly a thousand years ago

Reconstruction of a Viking habitat near the Anse aux Meadows site (Newfoundland, Canada). GLENN NAGEL PHOTOGRAPHY Let’s start, once is not custom, with information sixty years old but which, although capital, may still have escaped some: Christopher Columbus is not the first European to have set foot in America. About half a millennium before the … Read more

A messenger hidden in RNA

RNA (ribonucleic acid) molecules, illustration. NOBEASTSOFIERCE / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Flames. How many genes are there in a human genome? After twenty years of intensive genome annotations, the various databases agree, to within a few thousand, in counting around 20,000 human genes encoding proteins… and as many so-called “non-coding” genes. The difference between “coding” and … Read more

Physical activity is good for our brain too

A participant of the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc, near Chamonix (Haute-Savoie), in September 2018. JEFF PACHOUD / AFP Ten thousand steps and more. “Each time, after fifteen or twenty minutes of racing, I have the impression that I can see more clearly in my head”, says this colleague who jogs three times a week. Over … Read more

Dead stars can keep planets around them

View of a giant gas planet similar to Jupiter, orbiting a white dwarf. W. M. KECK OBSERVATORY/ADAM MAKARENKO We will not make the analogy with these dogs who, after the death of their master or their mistress, remain faithful to them and go to lie down on their grave, but there is a little of … Read more

disappointment for two potential pharmacological treatments

YASMINE CAKE The preliminary results were, however, encouraging. But it is indeed by failures that have just ended several clinical trials evaluating the effectiveness of two molecules, oxytocin and bumetanide, to improve the symptoms of children and adolescents suffering from autism spectrum disorders. For the time being, no specific drug treatment exists for this neurodevelopmental … Read more

Study measures effects of confinement on the brain

Localization of an area of ​​the brain showing a decrease in activity related to confinement. UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS OF MARSEILLE The fifty-five days of confinement that France experienced from March 17 to May 10, 2020 had a negative effect on our brains. A phenomenon “Expected”, “ reversible “, but above all « unrelated to the much … Read more

The Russian team that made the first film in space are back on Earth

Actress Yulia Peressild, director Klim Chipenko and cosmonaut Anton Chkaplerov on October 5, 2021, before their takeoff to the ISS. ROSCOSMOS / VIA REUTERS The Russian actress and director who spent twelve days aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to shoot the first film in space returned to Earth on Sunday, October 17. The Soyuz … Read more

“It is not too late to take charge of post-traumatic stress disorder”

Psychiatrist Thierry Baubet, November 8, 2018, in Paris. LIONEL BONAVENTURE / AFP For several weeks, and until the end of October at the earliest, the Assize Court of the Paris Court of Appeal will hear the testimony of hundreds of traumatized and injured people, relatives of victims who died during the attacks of November 13, … Read more