The overall decline in the use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine

Rubis, a one-year-old female cat, with her owner, in Chaville (Hauts-de-Seine), September 6, 2021, before the intervention of a veterinarian. Wounded, she will be treated with antibiotics. AMAURY DA CUNHA FOR “THE WORLD” If there is an area in which human medicine and veterinary medicine should working together is the fight against antibiotic resistance. Antimicrobials … Read more

Specter of space war rekindled by Russian anti-satellite fire

The Soyuz MS-18 crew ship and ISS Progress 77 freighter docked at the International Station on May 3, 2021. NASA Twenty-four hours after a Russian anti-satellite firing on Monday, November 15, against one of its old satellites which was no longer operational, questions remain about the real motivations of Russia. Why did Russia take the … Read more

Russia’s destruction of one of its satellites adds tension in space

The International Space Station, October 4, 2018. HANDOUT / REUTERS Launched into space in 1982, in the midst of the Cold War, Cosmos-1408 was a former Soviet surveillance satellite, a beautiful 2.2-ton beast that sailed 465 kilometers above our heads. Like all large bodies moving in orbit, it was tracked by radar. Monday, November 15, … Read more

France successfully launches three new spy satellites

The Kourou space center, October 22, 2021. JODY AMIET / AFP They are called “Ceres”. They are three in number. And thanks to their successful launch on Tuesday, November 16, from the Kourou base in Guyana, the French armies should in the coming months have a unique intelligence capacity in Europe: listening to radar signals. … Read more

Mexico denounces the “looting” of its heritage after a sale in Paris

Screenshot of the twitter feed of the Mexican government secretary of culture. CULTURA_MX The mobilization of five Latin American countries was not enough. Wednesday November 10 in Paris, 139 pieces of pre-Columbian and Taino art were put on sale by the Christie’s house. The day before, the joint press release from the embassies of Colombia, … Read more

When a patent disrupts post-quantum innovation

Screenshot of a serious game,, made by part of the Kyber team, finalist in the NIST competition, intended to explain how their quantum computer resistant encryption algorithm works. INRIA / DIGITAL CUISINE / CWI Wanting the butter and the money of butter, French research might have neither. A complicated history of patent, held by … Read more

After Russian anti-satellite fire, the United States criticizes “dangerous” behavior

The International Space Station, March 2011. – / AFP The United States condemned, Monday, November 15, the firing by Russia of an anti-satellite missile, at the origin of thousands of debris which threatened the astronauts present in the International Space Station (ISS). ” Earlier [lundi], Russia irresponsibly conducted a destructive direct-ascension anti-satellite missile test against … Read more

False confessions under the magnifying glass of researchers

OLIVIER BALEZ Confess to a misdemeanor or even a crime that you did not commit? At first glance, the idea seems absurd. False confessions are however a reality far beyond the anecdote, and numerous scientific researches carried out on the subject for forty years have made it possible to better understand the mechanisms and the … Read more