Christian Jacob judges Eric Zemmour’s gesture with a weapon “irresponsible”

POLITICS – The sequence does not stop talking. This Thursday, October 21, the President of the Republicans, Christian Jacob, was questioned by France 2 on the video showing Eric Zemmour, hilarious, pointing a gun at journalists, on the sidelines of his visit to the Milipol lounge.

An image, which you can find in the video below, that the deputy for Seine-et-Marne, familiar with firearms and basic safety rules in the matter, did not appreciate.

“It is a totally irresponsible gesture”, lamented the leader of the right-wing party, who put forward his experience to condemn the attitude of the polemicist who embarrasses his political family. “I am a hunter, I have always assumed. I have been a hunter since I was 16, I am 61, I have not missed a hunting season. I did my military service, I was in charge of the armory. So the handling of weapons, I have a certain experience of it ”, declared Christian Jacob, before adding:“ never, under any condition, that a weapon is real or artificial, one does not point the barrel in the direction of someone. ‘a”.

“This is not the toy fair”

Note that the president of the Republicans is not the only one, within his party, has condemned the behavior of the quasi-candidate. “The Milipol trade fair is a trade fair which concerns the security of States, and in particular the fight against terrorism. It’s serious, this is not the toy fair ”, tackled on Europe 1 Rachida Dati, who said she was “shocked by the image”.

The former Minister of Justice also described as “shame” the remarks made by Eric Zemmour with regard to Marlène Schiappa, described as “imbecile” according to the polemicist. Insults which, for Rachida Dati, “reveal what he is: misogynist and sexist”.

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