Deddy Corbuzier: I’m Sick of Covid 19 and Probably Died : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTADeddy Corbuzier open a voice regarding the reasons for disappearing from the podcast content on YouTube that is the mainstay.

“I am sick, critical for 3 days and there is a high possibility of death,” said Deddy on his personal YouTube channel, Sunday (22/8/2021).

Deddy Corbuzier then explained that the first cause of his disappearance from podcasts was exposure to Covid-19.

“I got Covid. It started with me taking care of my family, almost all of them got it. So I took care of the hospital, looking for medicine and all kinds of things. I kept in contact with them,” he explained.

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Periodic close contact with people with Covid-19 made Deddy Corbuzier also exposed. However, Deddy did not want to bother with the condition because he felt that he had implemented a healthy lifestyle.

“At first I wasn’t worried. I thought it was okay, I had a fever for at least 2 days,” he said.

Had been declared cured a few days after being positive for Covid-19, Deddy Corbuzier only felt severe symptoms two weeks later.

“My fever suddenly went up, almost to 40 at that time. I also had vertigo,” said Azka Corbuzier’s father.

Realizing that something was wrong with his condition, Deddy Corbuzier then came to the hospital to do a thorax check. The results of the examination surprised Deddy.

“It turned out that there was damage. If I’m not mistaken, it’s 30 percent or something,” he explained.

Had been allowed outpatient because the oxygen saturation condition was still normal, Deddy Corbuzier again experienced similar symptoms two days later and was rushed to the hospital again.

Deddy Corbuzier

Apparently, the results of Deddy Corbuzier’s thoracic examination have shown damage at 60 percent. By the team of doctors, Deddy was declared to be in the cytokine storm phase.

“As far as I know, this cytokine storm is what makes people die,” he said.

From the results of medical tests, Deddy Corbuzier was finally asked to be hospitalized with high intensity of treatment.

“At that time, his condition was feverish, everyone was sick. It turned out that this cytokine storm had entered a critical phase,” he concluded.