10 Movies And Series Where You Have Seen The Cast Of “Sex Education”

Almost always when we like a movie or television show, we start looking for more productions where we can find the actors who were part of that accomplishment that captivated us. That is why now we are going to tell you in what other works you can see the cast of “Sex Education”, The series of Netflix that has captivated millions since its launch.

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The success of the bet of Netflix it is marked basically in the stories it addresses, its identification with issues such as what has to do with the LGTBI movement. In addition, the plot has a touch of poignant comedy; which has been possible to achieve thanks to the great cast that the production has. The mix of young talents and experienced actors is another point in favor of Sex Education”.



Jemima Kirke has the role of Hope Haddon in “Sex Education”. She is the new principal at Otis’s school. The young and strict teacher enters Moordale to try to save the reputation of the study center.

Kirke in 2012, had a prominent role in the HBO series, “Girls”. She embodied Jessa Johansson in more than 50 episodes. The story tells the experiences of a group of friends who live in New York City, where Jessa stands out from the rest.

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Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet and Allison Williams starred in the series “Girls” (Photo: HBO)


The actress became the brand new pull of the second season of “Bridgerton” from Netflix. She in “Sex Education” plays the role of Olivia.

Ashley has participated in small roles in other productions such as “Detective Pikachu”(2019). On “Bridgerton” 2 will play Kate Sharma, an intelligent and headstrong young woman who will be the romantic interest of the main character.

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Your role as Ruby Matthews in “Sex Education” has left good comments from critics in general. Of the entire group of untouchables, she was the one who had the most prominence, since her relationship with Otis allowed her life to be better known from the family point of view.

Mimi Keene is also recognized for having participated in more than 100 episodes of the 33 seasons of “EastEnders”, carrying out the character of Cindy Williams. He also had some appearances in films such as “Tolkien” and “Close for Keene”.

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Alistair Petrie began his acting career in 2000 and one of the characters that is remembered the most is that of Mr Groff, former director of Moordale. His role as the villain on the show then takes a turn and begins to make a bit of sense in season 3 of “Sex Education.”

Among other roles he has played, Petrie is remembered for his work on “Hellboy” in 2019. Although, it is clear that for many, the actor is referenced for his work in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” like General Draven.


En “Sex Education”, Kedar Williams-Stirling plays the role of Jackson Marchetti. This is one of the characters that evolves the most throughout the series. In it you can see panic attacks which he overcomes, also in the fourth season he could have an unexpected romance.

His short experience in the world of acting means that Williams-Stirling is found in few roles in feature films or TV shows. He has appeared in series such as “Wolfblood” and movies like “Changeland”. Another role worth noting is that of Clifon in “Small Axe”.


Beyond his sexual life, the followers of “Sex Education” were pleased with the sincere wishes of Adam Groff of wanting to be a better person. Fans remember him for his role as Robert Martin in “Emma”, which aired on HBO Max.

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Eric Effiong is one of the LGTBI characters that “Sex Education” shows us. It is Ncuti Gatwa who gives it life and is characterized by being charismatic, in addition to its acceptance and self-exploration is what fans of the series liked the most.

Outside of his participation in the Netflix series, we can see Gatwa in “The Last Letter From Your Lover” from 2021 as Nick, alongside Felicity Jones and Shailene Woodley.


After her performance in the Netflix series, many consider Emma Mackey as one of the actresses with the most projection of her generation. For critics, Maeve Wiley is one of the best female characters on television. An icon of modern TV.

In 2022, she will play Jacqueline Bellefort in “Death on the Nile”. Many of her followers will also remember her for her work in “Eiffel”, his most momentous role yet.

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Anderson is the most experienced actress in the entire series. She plays the role of Jean Milburn, who is a sex therapist and mother of the protagonist.

Gillian Anderson has won an Emmy Award for her portrayal as Margaret Thatcher in “The Crown”, series that can be seen on the Netflix platform.

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Asa Butterfield it’s like who says the life of the party in “Sex Education”. He is Otis Milburn, a socially awkward teenager who gives advice on sexuality.

If you liked the Otis character, you can see something like Asa in “Then Came You”, released in 2018. There he plays Calvin Lewis, a young man who befriends a terminally ill girl.

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