13 Must-see Premieres And Releases For The Weekend: ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Super Crooks’, ‘Hawkeye’ And Much More

A gloomy weekend before us. Not only do you run the risk of running out of savings with the Black Friday offers, it is also that there are a few recommendations with the macabre uploaded: From the new darkness of ‘Residenbt Evil’ in cinema to the fanzine Satanism of ‘Phantastykon Satanas’, through an indie Souls style that will give you nightmares, ‘Mortal Shell’. Luckily, our agenda has recommendations for all tastes.

‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City’

Crazed and hilarious, an installment of ‘Resident Evil’ that is not, as the Mila Jovovich versions were not, a sensible and rational adaptation of the game, but that, like those, work as action festivals, gore and riot. Brimming with winks and shamelessness, don’t look for gloomy atmospheres and heightened terror: ‘Welcome to Raccoon City’ is a roller coaster of zombies, mutants, viruses and cheap jokes like a tetra-brik wine.

‘Super Crooks’

After the semi-fiasco de ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’, Netflix returns to the fray with a product that came from the perverse mind of Mark Millar (‘Kick-Ass’) and his Millarworld, the publisher that bought the platform itself to adapt its stories. ‘Super Crooks’ has a long history of failed adaptations, but has finally taken shape under the auspices of the BONES study (‘Boku no Hero Academia’, ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’), a guarantee of eccentricity and originality.

‘Hawk Eye’

This week the new MCU series has started, a Christmas adventure starring one of the Avengers, Clint Barton, who finds here a partner, Kate Bishop, who in addition to being his more than worthy successor, is his number one fan. A plot of unsolved crimes and adventures spawned by the Avenger’s old vigilante identity are the ingredients of the last Marvel product of the year.

‘Christmas in 8 bits’

A boy in search of a well-deserved Nintendo as a Christmas present. A simple argument for a film of good feelings, nostalgia for arrobas and its pinch of bad coffee. Great setting and secondary characters for an exclusive HBO Max production without complications and perfect to inaugurate the Christmas season of good audiovisual feelings.

‘Holy spirit’

After a long and very interesting career as a short filmmaker, with productions to his credit recognized in festivals around the world such as ‘The attack of the Nebulosa-5 robots’ or ‘Uranes’, Chema García-Ibarra makes his debut in the world of feature films with a film that abounds in obsessions as particular as UFO sightings in eminently Mediterranean environments. Here we will know the hard blow that the UFO Levante UFO association receives when its director dies. Meanwhile, a missing girl is wanted across the country.

‘Immortals Fenyx Rising’, free and PC

Came out a year ago and went slightly unnoticed. And it’s a shame, because It is sandbox with ‘Zelda’ style dungeons and set in the style of Greek mythology is great. On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of Ubisoft, the French company has made it free through Ubisoft Connect for PC between November 26 and 29, that is, all weekend. More than enough time to save the Olympian gods.

‘Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All!’

With a delicious cartoon aesthetic comes this beat’em-up old school (actually reminiscent of a similar arcade of the characters) starring the unbeatable Asterix and Obelix, who will have to fight their way through Caesar’s hosts. Secondary of various adventures of the mythical Gauls and option to play, of course, doubles, in an adventure that you can try if the sky does not collapse over our heads.

  • Disponible para PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One y Nintendo Switch

‘Mortal Shell’

Not exactly a novelty, but in a weekend short of releases and with the offers buried by Black Friday promotionsPerhaps it is convenient to take a look at what we have at our disposal and it may have gone unnoticed. For instance, ‘Mortal Shells’, although it went on sale in 2020, has just arrived on Game Pass and is a ‘Souls’ type game but completely indie cut. Also, the available version works on Xbox Series X at 4K and 60fps.

  • Disponible para PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC
'Immortals Fenyx Rising', analysis: a twist to the Ubi sandbox, and that goes beyond being an'Assassin's' in a light version

Podcast ‘History is yesterday’

Screenshot 2021 11 26 To S 17 58 18

On the podcast platform ‘El Extraordinario’ They have a new program that adds to their juicy offer of documentaries and sound fictions. It is a dizzying journey through the objects scattered throughout history, and how the treasures found in the trash give us clues as to who enjoyed them. The archaeologist Alfredo González Ruibal pilots this journey to the depths of the human condition.

‘In search of the lost graph’ (Clara Grima)

Cover In Search Of The Lost Graph Clara Grima Ruiz 202110211219

This interesting and accessible essay by Clara Grima is subtitled ‘Mathematics with dots and lines’, and that’s exactly what graphs are: visual objects with endless applications, from analyzing social networks to designing a soccer league, going through organizing a wedding banquet. Learning about graphs requires no prior mathematical knowledge, and this book proves it with a splendid introduction to the subject and lots of unexpected examples.

In search of the lost graph: Mathematics with dots and dashes (Clara Grima)

In search of the lost graph: Mathematics with dots and dashes (Clara Grima)

‘Bestiary of the Anthropocene’ (Nicolas Nova)

Anthropocene Bestiary Home

Radioactive mushrooms, square watermelons, drone-trained eagles, robot dogs, Plastic-eating worms, remote-controlled dragonflies, nuclear craters, Tamagotchis, bomb rats … this luxurious picture book lists, in the style of medieval bestiaries, 60 unusual creatures of our time. Human-created hybrids that are the sign of the times above anything else.

Anthropocene Bestiary

‘What is hidden in the starry sky?’ (Aina Bestard)

An excellent introduction to the world of astronomy for the little ones, exquisitely illustrated by Aina Bestard. From eight corners of the world we will open windows and, behind the flaps, we will see constellations. The animal that gives its name to the constellation is drawn against the light, in a mixture of a game book and an informative volume that stands out for the impressive richness of its details.

What is hidden in the starry sky?

What is hidden in the starry sky?

‘Phantastykon Satanas’ (Víctor Dvnkel)

Phantastykon Satanas Victor Dvnkel Autsaider Comics 01g

Boasting a luxurious black velvet binding, like an Unholy Bible, and fanciful and extreme style of drawing, this volume of abysmal and extreme horror is not appropriate for all palates but it is. perfect as a gift to that friend who is still hooked on German ultragore VHS from the nineties. Crazy, hallucinogenic and insane: it is fortunate that there are crazy people like Autsaider who are in charge of publishing these nonsense (in a limited and numbered edition of, of course, 666 copies).

You can buy it at the Autsaider Comics store

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