Audrey Hepburn, A Cartoon And A Pop Story To Watch On Streaming

JG Quintel, the creator of several classics of Cartoon Network What One more show, Lazlo’s Camp Y The Wonderful Misadventures of Flapjack, is back. And, to accompany those who grew up with one of those animated hits, he launched Close Enough, an animated series with intelligent and mature humor. The two seasons arrived on Netflix recently and present the best face of the American creator: there are several episodes dedicated to the difficult entrance to adulthood and funny guests such as David Hasselhoff.



What is it ?An animated series

Defined by its director, Helena Coan, as “Audrey Hepburn’s search for love”, Audrey, the documentary traces the life of one of the most remembered Hollywood stars. In that sense, Coan (who previously directed a documentary about car designer Frank Stephenson) gets a human portrait of a figure this big. A star of movies like The Princess Who Wanted to Live, Sabrina and Cinderella in Paris, Hepburn used to be quite low-key about her private life and showing some of that is one of the film’s main draws.


WhereFor rent at NSNow de Nuevo Siglo

What is itA documentary about Audrey Hepburn


Origin: United States, 2020. Director: Helena Cohan. Where? For rent at sNow de Nuevo Siglo, Flow. What is it? A documentary about the Hollywood star.

That song that you can’t get out of your head has a lot more history than you might think, and that’s the basis of this docuseries that in eight installments explores the universe related to pop, that sound, style or cultural movement that has defined the music of the last half century. From the cultural contribution of the boyband Boyz II Men, through the link between Stockholm and the greatest hits of all time, to Auto-Tune or the multitudinous festivals, this dynamic, entertaining series, and with statements from the best artists, tries answer.

SourceCanada 2021


What is it?A docuseries on the history of pop music