How To Customize Spotify Using Different Themes And Adding A Panel With The Lyrics Of The Songs

In Genbeta some time ago we talked about Spicetify, a tool for customize the appearance of Spotify on Windows, Linux and macOS with many options and that ends up completely changing the interface of the desktop app.

Now since Spotify released a new design At the end of March 2021, things had to change, and the old version of Spicetify no longer works. The good news is that the new one is “easier” to install, and offers excellent levels of customization. If this is something that interests you, keep reading.

Spicetify-cli It is an open source project, and you can read all the details that we do not touch here from its official website on GitHub. If you are only interested in learning the basics to install the tool and leave it working, these are the steps:

How to install Spicetify

Install on Windows:

  • Open Windows Terminal, or Command Prompt, or PowerShell and type:

Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing "" | Invoke-Expression

  • If you have trouble downloading with that command, try this one:

Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing "" | Invoke-Expression

HiFi or not HiFi: the test that tells you if your ear can differentiate between Spotify quality and lossless audio

Install on Linux and macOS:

  • Open the terminal and type the following command:

curl -fsSL | sh

How to use Spicetify

Spicetify Apply

Once installed you can proceed to customize Spotify. By default, a single theme with multiple variations is included. You can edit your own theme, or you can change the variety of the default theme. The first thing is apply Spicetify in your current version to be able to see the changes for the first time:

  • Open terminal and type: spicetify backup apply

  • If you want to change the variety of the default theme, you have to navigate to the folder where the configuration file is saved “config-xpui.ini“. In Windows it is located at: C:UsersTuUsuario.spicetify

  • Open the file config-xpui.ini and next to the line that says color_scheme = you can write any of the following variations: pink-white, green-dark, nord-light, nord-dark, purple, or dracula. Save changes to the text. Example in the image below:
Spicetify Settings Change Theme
  • To apply the changes to the new color theme, you must open the terminal and type the command spicetify apply
  • You can always change the hexadecimal values ​​of the colors of each element and create your own combination.

How to add song lyrics to Spotify

Lyrics On Spotify 2

Spicetify also has plugins or add-ons. One of the best and that many users love the most, is see the lyrics of the songs again within the same app. If you want to add this complement it is very simple if you have already completed the other steps.

You just have to open your Terminal and write:

spicetify config custom_apps lyrics-plus

spicetify apply

From now on you will see a new section in the left sidebar of the window called “Lyrics”.