Zack Snyder Turns On The Nets: Is The Snyderverse Canon?

With a post on his social media, Zack Snyder hints that the Snyderverse is now canon. However, it could be a petition campaign.

Could it be that the voice of the people won? … For some time, hashtags (#) have become one of the most powerful weapons of the population to be heard by the big entertainment companies. This has resulted in a great conflict, or solution for some, called fan service. A recent example of this was the publication of the Zack Snyder ‘ s Cut from The Justice League.

After a massive request from thousands of fans on the internet, under the slogan #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, the audience clamored for Warner Bros. to reveal the work of said filmmaker, replacing the version of Joss Whedon of the film. However, the producer made it clear that the official edition would be the latter.

When the product was launched in HBO Max, most strongly preferred it over the one that was seen in theaters in 2017. With this, the public asked that it be considered changing the officiality, granting it to Snyder’s work. The request was unsuccessful.


However, the same writer responsible for this success has more than once expressed his wish that his universe be canonized. Recently, a post on his social networks would have ignited the hope of those who expect the same as him.

The developer shared on his profile Vero, the news that the trilogy he directed for DC (Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman Y The Justice League) will receive a version in Blu-Ray. Without a doubt, this was of great excitement for the fans who were waiting for it.

But this was not the most commented of the publication, but the creative used the #CANON, drawing the attention of more than one.

A few weeks ago, Snyder had shared a picture on, Twitter, from Batman sharing intimately with Catwoman, which was considered canon by the publisher. He joined the movement to claim that, if it was official, it should remain as such in the series of Harley Quinn.

After the above, the question then arises as to whether Zack Snyder was confirming that his version of The Justice League is canon, or if he is generating a campaign to request that it be, using the #Canon.

If so, this trend would join the #RestoreTheSnyderverse. And you, do you think the Snyderverse should be canon? Could it be that the director is affirming or asking for it?