Lady Gaga Returns For Concert At The Iconic MTV Unplugged

Lady Gaga he finally finished filming his new movie and is preparing his return to the stage. And he will do it in a big way, because for the first time will participate in the iconic MTV Unplugged in a presentation that will mark his return to the stage after the pandemic.

However, the artist will not do it alone. For his hopeful return, he will be joined by his close friend and jazz music legend, Tony Bennett. A) Yes, The duo will begin promoting what is expected to be their second album together, following a successful first collaboration.

Lady Gaga will have her own Unplugged concert

In the last few months, Lady Gaga was further removed from the music industry. Due to the pandemic, he had to cancel the rest of the dates at his residence in Las Vegas. Also, he was unable to go on tour to promote his latest album, Chromatica. For this, focused on the cinema, traveling to Italy to record the long-awaited House of Gucci.

But Lady Gaga is already back in New York and preparing a new concert. The interpreter he will finally have his own concert at MTV Unplugged on July 2nd. It will be his debut in the format, where he will share the stage with Tony Bennett.

Gaga is expected to perform new songs from her collaborative album with Bennett. It should be remembered that the duo of friends launched their first joint work in 2014, Cheek To Cheek, material that earned them a Grammy and a promotional tour.

However, it was recently announced the unfortunate news that the health condition Bennett’s is pretty fragile. The musician suffers from Alzheimer’s and this will probably be the last album he releases, as well as his last concerts. For thisIt will be an important opportunity for Lady Gaga, who is almost a daughter to the artist.

As the Official site, the concert will be held with a live audience, with attendees over 18 years of age. What’s more, It was noted that only vaccinated people will be admitted to the intimate instance, in a practice that is already recurrent in concerts by artists such as Foo Fighters.