Rauw Alejandro And Ester Exposito: The Singer Clarifies About Their Relationship

A Raw Alejandro everyone loves him, and the Puerto Rican is leaving because he has new CD. It’s titled ‘Vice Versa’ and includes a serious candidate for the position of the song of the summer. ‘Everything about you’ It is already number one in Spain. The media are asking you questions about your work, of course, but they also take the opportunity to find out if what is speculated about him and Ester Exposito it’s true. And do you know the best? That Rauw answers without any kind of problem.

Let’s start with the program ‘The resistance’, that the one from Puerto Rico has been one of the guests this week. David broncano He wanted to know about the musician’s new album, and even said that the song was already tiring him. Well, he liked it so much that he has listened to it a thousand times. He also asked if Rauw usually looks for himself in Google. And yes, ‘dear’, Rauw Alejandro has ‘googled’ himself a couple of times early in his career. Now, he says, he no longer does. AHA. Okay, we continue.


Broncano has been in front of the cameras for a long time. You know exactly how to lead the conversation to the topics that interest you. Taking advantage of search yourself on Google, decided to type the singer’s name into the search engine. What came out was, unsurprisingly, a lot of news talking about his new job and also of the alleged relationship between him and the ‘Elite’ actress Ester Exposito (21). As you know, Ester and the Mexican Alejandro Speitzer are no longer dating (or so it seems).

The rumors about the actress and Rauw started because Both posted several photos and videos on Instagram in which it seemed that they were both in the same places at the same time. His followers were dedicated to showing various ‘tests’, but you already know how this goes. Nothing is certain until none of those involved confirm or deny it.

Broncano continued to his thing: “Ester Exposito, Rauw Alejandro … If you want to, I pass it with elegance and I will continue. Unless you want to comment on some information,” he said. Laughter from the public, of course.

Surprise of surprises! Apparently the musician does not mind answering these types of more personal questions and this is what he said: “News like this always comes out, that I don’t know when I see it”, he said before concluding that with Esther what he has is just a friendship.

Vice He has also interviewed Rauw to talk about the album, although in the end he asked him the million dollar question. They wanted to know if the news of a relationship with Exposito was true, and once again the answer was that it was not: “Right now in my love life I have nothing”, He said.