The Cheap Mobile Plan Is In The Spotlight During NRJ Mobile Promotions

Great deals end, others arrive: it is the reality of the world of the cheap mobile plan in France. At the moment, it is the operator NRJ Mobile which is experiencing interesting promotions. Indeed, the brand’s new offers allow those looking for good deals to save money. Who has never dreamed of having unlimited calls, texts and texts, as well as a nice 4G data envelope for next to nothing? NRJ Mobile intends to satisfy its customers by offering the best of its range of low cost, non-binding telephone offers. Focus on the virtual operator pre-sales that start and end today!

The new offer at NRJ Mobile: the 5G 130 GB package at a discounted price!

NRJ is currently offering new offers quite simply onion. First, the 130 GB 5G mobile plan is back priced at only € 24.99 / month. In addition, it should be noted that its price is fixed over time, so no bad surprises on its bill. In any case, it is a 100% non-binding offer. It is therefore possible to cancel your NRJ Mobile package at any time.

Details of the 5G compatible NRJ Mobile package.

NRJ Mobile

from24.99 €

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For this sum, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS everywhere in mainland France. They are also used in the European Union and in the overseas departments. When it comes to mobile internet, customers are in for a treat. Indeed, the data envelope included in the cheap mobile plan is 130 GB of 5G. This data can be used from anywhere in France. Abroad is only in name because 17 GB are available in European or overseas roaming.

Generally speaking, NRJ Mobile is a good MVNO, to understand a good virtual operator. Indeed, in addition to the prices and performance of its telephone plans, it offers free features and services. For example, it is quite possible to keep your old cell phone number free of charge. This is commonly referred to as number portability.

All in all, what to remember about the cheap 130 GB 5G mobile plan from the operator NRJ Mobile:

  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to and from France, the EU and DOM;
  • a beautiful data envelope of 130 GB in 5G consumable throughout France;
  • 17 GB of data for its excursions in Europe and overseas departments;
  • the possibility of keeping your current number at no additional cost;
  • a 100% non-binding mobile offer that can be canceled at any time.
Mobile plan in promo

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And yes, all good things come to an end, even at NRJ Mobile. As the most observant shoppers have seen, new offers are coming while others are ending today. But it is not yet too late to take advantage of it. We are talking here about the cheap 100 GB mobile plan and its counterpart the 60 GB with iPhone 8 offered. Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, pretty data envelopes and other services included, these are two great offers!

cheap mobile plan nrj mobile

The cheap mobile plan during flash promotions at NRJ Mobile is also 60 GB and 100 GB in 4G: low prices, big performance.

NRJ Mobile
mobile plan with commitment for iPhone.

from9.99 €

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They are respectively priced at € 9.99 / month for the first 12 months and € 14.99 / month. However, it should be noted that the first has a price that varies after the first year, going up to € 19.99 / month. For the second, with iPhone offered, it is with a minimum commitment of 24 months. It is therefore advisable to think carefully before subscribing.

As for the iPhone 8 offered in the 60 GB offer from NRJ Mobile, it is a very good phone. And then, let’s not hide it: when it’s free, it’s much better! This is actually a refurbished 64GB space gray iPhone 8. However, this does not prevent it from being in mint condition. It is an ideal smartphone for the whole family and really powerful.

In any case, to unlock your cheap mobile plan, the purchase of a triple-cut SIM card is essential. It is priced at 10 €, to be paid during the first subscription. However, don’t worry: activating your NRJ Mobile card is child’s play. Also, and by its format, it adapts to all smartphones and mobile phones on the market.

The last day of the NRJ Mobile operator’s promotions, in a few points:

  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to and from France, the EU and DOM;
  • a beautiful data envelope of 60 GB or 100 GB 4G consumable in metropolitan France;
  • a refurbished 64 GB space gray iPhone 8 offered with the 60 GB offer;
  • € 14.99 / month with 24-month commitment for the 60 GB plan with refurbished iPhone 8;
  • € 9.99 for 12 months then € 19.99 per month, without commitment, for the 100 GB package from NRJ Mobile.
NRJ Mobile plans

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