Dungeons & Dragons: First Images Of Chris Pine And Michelle Rodriguez On Set

Dungeons & Dragons started filming at the beginning of May, taking the first steps in this world of fantasy and role in which we will immerse ourselves in the year 2023, when the film debuts in theaters. Directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein, the project will feature a cast led by Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, Reg-Jean Page, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, Sophia Lillis y Chloe Coleman. This week we were able to take a look at the first photos of Pine and Rodriguez in the set.

Dungeons & Dragons, preparing his return to the big screen

At the moment the filming of Dungeons & Dragons It is set in Northern Ireland, although Iceland will also be one of the locations for this project. The publication The Daily Mail has been in charge of publishing the photos of Pine and Rodriguez that we have left on these lines, which allow us to appreciate slightly What will the outfits of these two protagonists be like in this adventure.

Although Rodriguez has hidden her face under a mask (we do not know if the actress had some type of prosthesis or paint that she wanted to hide from the cameras), the truth is that the bottom of her outfit is clearly visible, as are the gauntlets on her hands. For his part, Pine also hides his face with a mask, but the jacket and shirt of his suit can be seen without problems. On the other hand, the medium has also published a photo of Lillis on set … but her costume is practically impossible to see due to her being covered with a robe and a mask.

Dungeons & Dragons takes us to a fantasy world in 2023

Judging from the type of armor Rodriguez is wearing, it looks like the actress could embody a warrior; a role that is more in line with the kind of roles you play in hollywood. Pine, for his part, wears a rather light outfit: it is possible that he plays a magician or a rogue in this movie. For the moment, it seems that we have to wait to discover what roles have been assigned to each of them.

At the moment it is unknown what type of argument the film will follow, but it seems to be located directly in the medieval and fantastic world that characterizes this role-playing system, created in 1974. With Paramount and Hasbro giving life to the project, we remind you that their debut date is set for 2023.

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