Greeicy Rendón’s Papá Releases The Second Single Of His Just Started Musical Career

Luis Alberto Rendón (The Puppy). Photo: Instagram @luisalbertoelcachorro

Staying in the music industry requires a lot of perseverance and, Luis Alberto Rendón (El Cachorro) – father of the singer from Cali, Greeicy Rendón – is proving to have enough. In fact, after launching his musical career last April with his first song, ‘Ese disco’, now the popular music singer promotes ‘Between the two’, which also has a video clip.

In interview for SuperLike of the RCN Channel, ‘El Cachorro’ revealed that Greeicy and Mike Bahía – sentimental couple from Cali – collaborated with him with some arrangements of the song. “They put a lot of hand in what is the matter of the choirSo there they had a lot to do with it, but the song is mine and they arranged the chorus ”.

He also commented that he is focused on his debut album, which he hopes to get his hands on in January or February 2022.

Regarding his also taste for composing songs, ‘El Cachorro’ said at the beginning of June to Snail News: “I got to study vocalization, I’m still studying and then Mike and Greeicy tell me: why don’t you write a song for yourself? It made me laugh because I don’t know how to do that. One day I was lying asleep and something came to me and I sat down and that night I wrote the first two songs, I have already been 60 ”.

Now we only have to hope that Luis Alberto Rendón (El Cachorro) will surprise his audience with his recording work, which will surely have the full support of Greeicy and his partner, Mike Bahía, who from their experience as singers have been very involved in the musical process of ‘El Cachorro’.

Karol G’s father also wanted to start his career as a singer

Guillermo Giraldo (Papá G) has not abandoned his dream of being a singer and, in 2019, he released his song ‘Pa’ out ‘, a salsa whose music video has so far almost 600 thousand views on YouTube.

A year later, in 2020, he radically changed gender and released a song of the Mexican regional genre called ‘Chao Porque’.

In addition, in the past he was part of the group ‘Los Pergaminos’. However, over time he dedicated himself to promoting the career of his daughter, Karol G, who is currently one of the most important stars of reggaeton.

But now that both Greeicy and Karol G have achieved success as singers, their parents felt that it was time for them not only to live their dream through their daughters, but to make it come true on their own, and now, surely, each one of them hopes to succeed in their respective genres and that their songs will be well received by their own fans.


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