Major US Producer Loses Life In Mexico

The film and television producer, John Langley he lost his life suddenly in Ensenada after having a heart attack in the middle of a race.

John Langley, who will perform as Writer and producer of numerous television and film programs in the United States, he suffered a heart attack from which he could not recover, finally perishing at the age of 78.

It was this weekend when the owner of the COPS company, John Russell Langley, was in the San Matías valley within the Ensenada municipality within the framework of the Ensenada-San Felipe 250 off-road race.

It is worth mentioning that the site is completely far from nearby clinics or hospitals, it is located east of the city of Ensenada, almost 80 kilometers away and more than 200 kilometers from Mexicali, the state capital.

According to reports, at that time, the “film and television director” was participating in this sporting event, the road races which are held throughout the year in the Baja California peninsula, and of which he was a regular.

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According to the reports that reported the event, the businessman and producer known mostly for being the creator and executive producer of the COPS program, lost his life at kilometer 77 of the Ensenada highway, where he was treated by paramedics, Deadline reported.

John Langley was considered a fundamental piece in the beginning of the reality shows, It was in 1989 when together with Malcolm Barbour he created the popular television program COPS, released in March of the same year on the Fox network with great success for 32 seasons, according to the entertainment magazines of the United States.

The program consisted of documenting different United States police officers as they confronted thieves or other individuals seeking to break the law.

Cops was finally canceled in 2020 after the protests over the George Floyd case, a great controversy enveloped the reality show and it went off the air after 32 seasons with more than a thousand episodes.

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Langley was born in Oklahoma and served in the intelligence unit of the United States Army in the early 1960s. Following his service he graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hill and attended the University of Irvine for graduate school.

Among other productions that shaped his career are documentaries such as Coc @ in3 Blues from 1983, in which figures such as Frank Zappa, Paul Krassner or Hoyt Atxon appear.

He also did a television special called American Vice: The Dopping of a Nation, which featured substance detentions, similar to Cops.

In the same way, he produced the series Inside American Jail, Las Vegas Jailhouse, Anatomy of a Crime, which gave Langley great popularity to the creative, to the point of receiving in February 2011, his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Through it, other projects emerged such as the film Brooklyn’s Finest, directed by Antoine Fuqua, starring Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke and Ellen Barkin.

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It is Morgan Langley, one of the sons of the producer and businessman, who today oversees the firm in which they were partners, “Langley Productions” and is the current executive producer of Cops, survives him as does his wife Maggie, his son Zak, his daughters Sarah Langley Dews and Jennifer Blair and seven grandchildren.