Princess Alba In The Run-up To Her First Album: “I Would Love To Do A Song With Björk Or Caetano Veloso”

Princess Alba He launched miss u bb, the second preview of his debut album, a heartbreak song that comes accompanied by a video clip inspired by a school anniversary.

The national artist spoke with CNN Magazine and explained that the song is about a disappointment and “how this disappointment turns into a disenchantment towards romantic love and moves to self-love: that I don’t need anyone and no one deserves me. The only one that I deserve is me“.

The new material appears after the release of Sped up and begins to set the tone for what will be his first full length, which is now ready and whose details we will know as the days go by.

“In the short term we are going to have the album. By short term I mean I’m going to be releasing songs every three weeks, a month, and that’s where the album comes from“, advancement.

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His new work will be his first album, even though in 2018 he released a mixtape, From the sky, which has a total duration of 19 and a half minutes, and included six songs recorded in amateur form in his own home.

They both have that in common: that they are born from my room, from the deepest and most intimate part of me. The same Princess Alba of 2018, who recorded the songs in her piece, but now magnified and super complete, “says the interpreter of Convince yourself.

In times when various national artists have managed to sing with Ricky Martin, Ozuna or Bad Bunny, Princesa Alba also allows herself to dream of great collaborations: “I am very pop, I would love to make a song with Björk, with Grimes, with Ariana Grande or very random collaborations, I’d love to do a featuring with Caetano Veloso, for example”.

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Besides music, Trinidad Riveros (her real name) is interested in politics. During the social outbreak participated in the reversal of The right to live in peace and he also expressed himself in favor of approval in the constitutional plebiscite.

About this new process, she said that she is “super excited, I think it will be super nutritious for all of us and I hope we can have a Constitution that is more suited to the times we live in, that is more inclusive, more feminist and more environmentalist“.

Princess Alba fans can already enjoy miss u bb on all digital platforms, while waiting for new announcements about their debut album.