V Confesses To ARMY Why He No Longer Recommends Songs

V used to give interesting music recommendations to ARMY, fans have been waiting for more tunes from his playlist for a long time and he himself explained the reason why he stopped doing it. This time he returned with new songs from great artists that you will surely enjoy. What tracks does the member of the K-pop boy band listen to?

V from BTS He is considered a great artist, not only on stage, outside the spotlight, he enjoys creating special music for fans and also hopes to exploit his pianist and violinist facte in the future. : 0

Kim Taehyung became the guest of luxury on the radio show ‘Bighit Music Record’ on Melon station and like every idol from BTS, recommended some songs and sent ARMY a message that he hopes to learn a little more about their musical tastes.

The interpreter of ‘Butter’ confessed that in the past he was a person who gave many musical recommendations to ARMY and explained the real reason why he stopped doing it and also shared good topics for ARMY to relax.

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BTS’s V revealed his Healing and Relaxing playlist

According V, stopped giving musical recommendations because he feels that he does not listen songs As attractive or popular, even if he recommended new songs to fans, each one has different tastes and since he is listening to new proposals on his own, he asked ARMY to listen to tracks of his liking.

Before saying goodbye to the public, the member of Bangtan Sonyeondan ended his participation with Coldplay’s ‘Daddy’, he said that it is a song which he always enjoyed, since it was released it found a different meaning and made him feel emotional.

I think it’s a good song to listen to without thinking about anything.

The HYBE singer assured ARMY that the song is perfect to forget all your worries, he sent good wishes to listeners and then the song was released. playlist special that made for fans to relax and heal.

The themes recommended by the idol of the K-pop They were: ‘Love Over And Over Again’ by Switch, ‘September’ by Earth, Wind & Fire, ‘Daddy’ by Coldplay, ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ by Procol Harum, ‘Good To You’ by Jonny P, ‘Cool Struttin ‘by Sonny Clark and’ Nº1 Party Anthem ‘by Arctic Monkeys. What did you think of the musical selection of Taehyung from BTS?

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