Video | Yina Calderón Expressed Her Support For Yeferson Cossio After A Conflict With ‘La Liendra’, Who Ended Up Apologizing

Original photos taken from Instagram: @YefersonCossio | @La_liendraa

The discussion was generated on Monday night, when a dispute between the two recognized influencers in Colombia was known through social networks: Yeferson Cossio and Mauricio Gómez, known as ‘La Liendra’. Everything happened when the Pereirano made a series of affirmations about the raffles that he carries out, versus those that the paisa carries out with the purchase of quotas to increase followers.

According to ‘La Liendra’, it should be invested in his contest and not in someone else’s because, he says, he is the only one to give the client the necessary confidence that they will not steal their money and the thousands of followers who promise them will have them in your accounts. It was there that he took the opportunity to send what many considered a “jibe” towards the Antioquia model.

A new character joined the story between the two content generators, and it was Yina Calderón, who appeared through her Instagram account referring again to the fact of knowing who was the person who ordered to close her profile of the social network like this as Cossio also stated in his publications.

“You more than anyone know who is that little person with many followers who ordered to disable my account, he dealt with Luisa’s, I don’t know if with Cossio’s, but other than that”, assured the businesswoman in girdles.

Additionally, the young woman affirmed that she is not interested in participating in the subject of contests through social networks, because that is not her objective and, laughing, commented that she would be interested in buying one of Yeferson’s quotas to increase her followers, later of losing your old profile.

Yina Calderón spoke about La Liendra and supported Yeferson Cossio

“Why Cossio? Because that man is a hard on Facebook, He is the number 1 influencer in Colombia, he is a good person and he does not need to pay to help him so that his contest does not sink, that pelado can alone, then I am also going to encourage myself to buy a quota for him “, mentioned the former protagonist of the novel.

Calderón added that the paisa does not need to harm others in order to emerge, “There are children for everyone, the sun shines for everyone, we even talked about that with ‘Epa’ in the store, for everyone there is love and peace.”

‘La Liendra’ apologizes for the misunderstanding

After the controversy that has been generated, ‘La Liendra’ spoke through his Instagram stories, where he apologized to the Antioquia model if at any time he felt offended by the words that the content generator said yesterday.

“In the greatest honesty I tell him that I never did anything thinking about him, maybe my words were misinterpreted and he felt that I was attacking him but that was not the case … I did not mention any names either. On the other hand, at this moment more than 7 contests are being sold in Colombia, so my competition in the sale of quotas is not only him, I really hope that we all do very well ”, clarified ‘La Liendra’ on his Instagram account.

Taken from Instagram @la_liendraa
Taken from Instagram @la_liendraa

He further added, “Believe what you want and think of me what you want but I know what kind of person I am. I wish no one evil, in this world everyone thinks about you what they want without knowing you but that is the weight of being recognized and I agree”.


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