Amazon’s ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Series Is Much More Ambitious Than You Think

Once we get closer to its premiere, there is no doubt that the series of The Lord of the rings from Amazon it will become the most anticipated production of the small screen. Of course, for fans of the universe created by J.R.R. Tolkien it already is from now on. And it is that as the months pass we know more details that, inevitably, raise our illusion for the content. The best example is the recent statements of one of its actors.

We tend to think of the Peter Jackson trilogy as an insurmountable work. However, at least at Amazon they are totally confident that they will live up to expectations. In an interview with ComicBook, Benjamin Walker, actor who will appear in the series The Lord of the rings, anticipated that production is unlike anything that ever existed before in the world of television. Obviously, they are major words.

Although Walker is not allowed to advance specific details, not even the role he will have in the series of The Lord of the rings, said he was “very excited” by the project and regretted not being able to share the reasons with the audience. However, he added: “People have never seen what we are doing. It will be exciting. Even the slightest hint as to where it might go [la serie] Or what could it be, it will just take away that little joy when you see it for the first time. “

Walker’s message goes, of course, to people who are not yet aware of the scale of the series. Remember that Amazon made an investment of $ 465 million just to produce the first season from The Lord of the rings. This figure makes it the most expensive series in history. In addition, the company spent an additional $ 250 million for the rights to Tolkien’s work.

Do these factors increase the pressure to deliver high-quality content? The actor doesn’t see it that way. “I don’t necessarily see it as pressure. I see it as something that reminds you to focus. There is too much interest and many people have high expectations, but I like that. People want it to be good. Fortunately, everyone involved in making it really wants it to be good. “In closing, Walker acknowledges that Tolkien fans are the ones who are “pushing” the most. After all, they are “some of the most knowledgeable people” about the fictional universe.