Depressed? After Giving Up Television To Take Care Of Her Children, Ana Patricia Gámez Is Having A Bad Time And Takes Refuge In The Cemetery? Raises Suspicions (PHOTOS)

  • After her departure from Enamorándonos, what Ana Patricia Gámez is doing is filtered
  • Away from television, the Mexican takes refuge in the cemetery?
  • Some photos with messages from the former driver confirm suspicions

A few weeks after Ana Patricia Gámez left Enamorándonos and moved away from television, now, the Mexican is taking refuge in the cemetery? Some photographs in your account Instagram They give an account of what the Mexican is doing since she decided to take care of her children and her family.

Ana Patricia Gámez surprised months ago by announcing that she decided to retire from the artistic medium to make way for her personal life as a mother and wife, since she gave up being a host of TV when he was the headline of Despierta América and Enamorándonos, programs that gave him recognition.

Is Ana Patricia Gámez surprising with what she does away from television?

Ana Patricia Gámez Falling in Love

When she was at the peak of her career, the Mexican made an unexpected announcement in Enamorándonos and visibly affected, she assured that she did not have time for her children, nor for her husband, so she decided to give up the artistic medium to live her personal life fully.

Now, a few weeks after the former presenter disappeared from the ‘artistic focus’, what the Mexican is doing with her free time is filtered, in addition to cooking with her children and recording a podcast in which she gives life advice, she tells anecdotes and talk more about your activities … Alarm with your photos?

Ana Patricia Gámez, is she happier than ever?

The Mexican relaxes after falling in love
Instagram: Ana Patricia Gámez

In her most recent Instagram posts, the Mexican driver seeks to show a more relaxed and happy image, as in a photograph as she appears enjoying the sun on top of a hammock while resting on a terrace and dressed casually, differently from how we saw her in Wake up America or Falling in love.

However, there is also time to be in the cemetery? Some publications show that Ana Patricia Gámez is still very affected after the mourning caused by the death of her father a year ago and therefore did not hesitate to share a heartfelt message and photos among the graves.

Ana Patricia Gámez among the graves

Ana Patricia Gámez cemetery

In the middle of 2020 with the peak of the pandemic, many people lost loved ones, however, Ana Patricia Gámez did not expect to suffer a blow as strong as the death of her father who recently turned one year of death, so the former Mexican driver of Falling in love he visited his grave.

“It was 1 year after his departure. You have seen me share beautiful memories with my Father, today on his first death anniversary I share his last resting place, “wrote the former presenter in a moving photograph where she went to leave flowers at the grave of her father.

After falling in love, Ana Patricia Gámez has her feet very ‘placed on the Earth’

Dad Ana Patricia Gámez

Juan Francisco Gámez López, the name of Ana Patricia Gámez’s father, lived from March 1953 to June 2020 and at his grave, the Mexican captured a surprising epitaph: “I have not died, I just left earlier and I don’t want to be remembered with tears like those who have no hope. I have not died: Even if my body is not there, my presence will always be felt ”.

“I will be the silence of our home that we share so much, I will be the breeze that will kiss their faces, I will be a sweet memory that attends their memory, I will be a beautiful page in their history. Sorry to everyone, I only took one of the previous trains and I forgot to tell you… I have not died, I just left earlier ”, I remember his wife, daughters and grandchildren, reads the epitaph of Ana Patricia Gámez’s father.

The former presenter still lives with the penalty of her father’s death

Ana Patricia Gámez after Falling in Love

Before the former presenter of Enamorándonos shared the photos of her father’s grave, she had also left a beautiful photo with him in front of the sea, congratulating him on Father’s Day, with the following message: “My Dad is the star most pretty that shines in Heaven ”.

“Today in his day I can only remember him, I cannot hug him, or give him a gift. I do not want to remember his last Father’s day alive because he was not having a good time, I have so many beautiful moments with him and I stay with that, because of my old man he was a great Father! ”, Wrote Ana Patricia Gámez.

It was rumored that the Mexican was pregnant

The former host of Falling in love and her family

What a surprise! A few weeks ago, the Mexican model and host Ana Patricia Gámez, who won first place in the Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010 contest, ‘resigned’ from the Enamorándonos program and many wonder if she left the program because she is pregnant.

Through her stories on her social networks, which the Chamonic Instagram account took up, the television presenter shared that she took four pregnancy tests, as she believed she was pregnant because she was four days late in her period.

She moved away to take care of her children and her husband

Ana Patricia Gamez

“You are not here to know it and I am not here to tell it, but today I had to have colic like never before in my life. I do not suffer from colic, in fact, 5 or 6 days ago, I was waiting for it to come to me as I normally am in this matter (her period) and I was four days late ”.

Before the rumor spread that she is pregnant, and that for that reason she left us falling in love, Ana Patricia Gámez commented that she never has delays in her periods: “And so much so that I took four pregnancy tests, all negative, and today I have an unbearable colic, I hate it !!! ” (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

They criticize her for colic

Ana Patricia Gámez renounces Falling in love and now the pregnant reason is known
Instagram photo Chamonic

More than understanding her for suffering colic and having a delay in her period, the model and today former host of Enamorándonos received criticism for having shared this video: “Four days is nothing, exaggerated, just wanting to attract attention. Oops, that’s what he lives on ”.

“Ridiculous”, “Well, since I got vaccinated, that is, April and May, it has come down four times and right now I’m doing it again”, “I just got down two weeks before and only the right side of my belly hurts and I confirm that it is too much! I got the Moderna vaccine on May 23 ”, you can read in more comments.

Don’t you miss Falling in love anymore?

Ana Patricia Gámez renounces Falling in love and now the pregnant reason is known
Instagram photo Chamonic

In another video, the Mexican model and host says that, after the end of the season of Falling in love with 300 episodes, she leaves the program, but she is not sad, but rather she is very excited to have finally reached this day.

“A lot of growth, learning and I enjoyed it how it should have been and now, it is a stage that culminates and I take a break from television because I want to, I decide and I will continue in my projects, in my things, I have many plans, too many and that’s what excites me ”.

Karina Banda was the substitute for Ana Patricia Gámez in Enamorándonos

1625339151 510 Depressed After giving up television to take care of her
Instagram photo spicy girl

You are not pregnant. According to Chamonic’s account, Ana Patricia Gámez ‘renounces’ Falling in love because she wants to dedicate more time to her children and does not want to miss this stage in which they are now, since they are still very young.

The reporter, and who was also co-host of El Gordo and La Flaca, Karina Banda, will take the place of the Mexican model in this successful program: “She will be missed, but how good that she enjoys her little ones”, “ WHAT A WOMAN’S OVARIES “,” She is dating because she is making money with the products she sells, as well as Rashel Díaz and Ximena Duque “(TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE). Some images of this note come from the following video