Fargo Creator Wants To End Series In Fifth Season

Noah Hawley, showrunner of the successful crime anthology series “Fargo”, has anticipated some details about the future of the production, indicating his intentions to want to finish it in season 5. The first season would achieve notoriety before the public as it is a television adaptation of the 1996 film written and directed by the Coen brothers.

From its second season on, “Fargo” would begin to explore other stories with different situations and characters that, sooner or later, end up revealing their connection with the people of North Dakota. The fourth season, released in 2020, featured Chris Rock as the leader of a criminal gang in Kansas City in the 1950s, who finds himself in the middle of a proxy war against a group led by actor Jason Schwartzman.

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From the conception of “Fargo”, reaching its premiere in 2014 under the banner of FX, Noah Hawley has had creative control of the project. The notoriety acquired by the program helped him work on the same network with the series “Legion”, which was set in the same universe as “X-Men” and is currently developing his own television vision of the “Alien” saga.

Following the publication of “Anthem,” his new novel, Hawley recently had a chat with the magazine. Vanity Fair, in which he shared a few words about the future of “Fargo” with the possibility of a fifth season. “I don’t have it yet. I have pieces that must survive. They are not connected ”, commented the creative.

I think it would be nice to create an ending, and deliberately come up with something, knowing that it will be the last thing and seeing how this anthology could conclude.

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The first three seasons of “Fargo” received a large number of nominations at the Emmy and Golden Globe, a situation that was not repeated in its last installment, despite the wide acceptance among the public and some members of the specialized critics, for which would be natural to assume that Noah Hawley seeks to finish it before its narrative quality is compromised.

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