The 11 Best Netflix Series In 2021 (for Now)

We have already crossed the equator of 2021, so it’s a good time to continue our review of the highlights of the year so far. At the time I already commented what they were Netflix movies that I liked the most in 2021, while my partner Alberto selected the series most outstanding in general and also of HBO and particular. Now it is the turn to make a stop at the best series fiction of Netflix during this time.

‘Cobra Kai’

‘Cobra Kai’ He took a small step back in his second season, something that to some extent he amended in a third season that maintains all its charm, knows how to handle nostalgia and makes good use of humor. It is true that Robby’s plot gets a bit out of hand, but it also lays the groundwork for a fourth batch of episodes very promising.

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‘The Kominsky method’

The final season of ‘The Kominsky method’ arrived with the fear of how the absence of Alan Arkin, my favorite character in the series. Unfounded fears, since it ended up being the best of the series, alternating funny subplots – Norman’s relatives trying to get the inheritance – with a great farewell arc for the character played by Michael Douglas.

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‘The neighbor’

The neighbor

Especially painful was the cancellation of ‘The neighbor’ after seeing its second season, since the Spanish series then reached maturity, maintaining all the virtues of its predecessor, enhancing them even more and adding several new ones. In addition, signings such as those of Fran Perea or Javier Botet They proved to be great successes.

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‘Elite: Short Stories’

What could have been a completely inconsequential between seasons of ‘Elite’ It ended up being a very stimulating proposal that allowed a more intimate approach to several of its protagonists. Fun when he put his mind to it – great Georgina Amorós in his short story – and with an emotionality that never felt forced.

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The first season of ‘Hache’ It did not finish conquering me, but with the second I was much more satisfied, since it maintained the growing line of the final stage of its predecessor showing how the character played by Adriana ugarte with style and conviction.

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A miniseries in which I was quite grateful that the touch of Ryan Murphy be noticeably reduced. Maybe ‘Halston’ small of a certain superficiality, but it is worth it to offer a most interesting approach to the figure of its protagonist, played by an inspired Ewan McGregor. Also keep an eye on the great work of Krysta Rodriguez like Liza Minnelli.

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‘The snake’

The snake

Co-production between BBC and Netflix that could first be seen in the United Kingdom. ‘The snake’ tells the incredible true story of Charles Sobhraj in a tension-packed thriller with a well-chosen cast spearheaded by a terrific Tahar Rahim and a careful setting work that transports the viewer to the time when the events occurred. Of course, do not take it all as real, that licenses were taken several.

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‘Love, Death and Robots’

Love Death Robots

I know I’m in the minority that ended up a bit disappointed with the primera temporada de ‘Love, Death and Robots’ and that she ended up more satisfied with a considerably shorter second of episodes. For my part, I think that all shorts have their own stamp and contribute different things to the whole. Obviously they have a certain irregularity, but the average level is remarkable.

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The first two words that come to mind when I think of ‘Lupin’ They are cheating and entertaining. The charismatic presence of Omar Sy It ends up clearly deciding the balance on the positive side, but its enjoyment requires a certain ingenuity on the part of the viewer that perhaps would have worked better setting the series in another era.

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‘Master of None: Moments of Love’

Master None

A third season that marks a break from the previous ones by changing the protagonist, feeling more like a spin-off around the character played by Lena Waithe. It is true that ‘Master of None: Moments of Love’ It can be too contemplative in some phases, but in return each episode offers something different that contributes to the whole.

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‘Sweet Tooth’

Sweet Tooth

A little miracle. There are many things in ‘Sweet Tooth’ that could have loaded the series, but those responsible have managed to find the right tone to make it entertaining and endearing. With characters you quickly grow fond of, this comic book adaptation of Jeff Lemire leaves you wanting more.

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