“The Queen Of Flow 2” Chapter 46: Yeimy Admits His Feelings And Manín Falls Into The DEA Trap

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. After Erick broke up with Irma when he found out about the night of passion with Drama Key, ‘El Huracán’ attacks Vannesa, who explains that although her brother deserved to know the truth, it was not she who told him. With that discussion in the new episode of the second season of “The queen of flow“It is clear that the singer not only lost her boyfriend but also her best friend.

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When Irma returns to Gray Shark she discovers that it was Drama Key who spoke with Erick, so she becomes enraged, breaks everything and leaves crying. Tired of his artists’ dramas, Mike Rivera orders Zafiro to become his friend to reassure her and force her to focus on her work.

Meanwhile, Yeimy receives a visit from his psychologist and confesses that he no longer feels hatred for Charly. Apparently the interpreter of ‘Change of skins’ is getting closer to the heart of “The queen of flow“; However, Commissioner Botero warns him that he cannot trust his words, as it could be a trap.


Finally, Manín meets with Tesillo to carry out the plan orchestrated with Don Edgar: assassinate the new partner and keep his laboratories. Despite his nerves, the DEA collaborator follows Alicia’s instructions and completes the assigned mission.

At Dúver Cruz’s insistence, Tesillo dialed the location of his “kitchens” on the phone, and when DEA officers appeared, Manín did not hesitate to shoot Tesillo and escape. The infiltrator survives thanks to life jackets, but the drug dealer believes he murdered him. What will your next step be?

In another moment of this chapter of the second season of “The queen of flow“Juancho sends a statement to the media blaming ‘Totón’ for the attack he suffered and pointing out that Dúver could be involved in his case.

For his part, Yeimy also shares a video blaming Manín for his assassination attempt and asking his fans to share any information about ‘Titano’, the man who shot him. Can they catch it?

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