Brad Pitt: His Character In The Last Tarantino Killed Billie?

Did Brad Pitt’s character kill Billie? Tarantino answers the question in the adaptation of his film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”.

A question torments the public of Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, One Upon A Time… In Hollywood. Cliff Booth, played by Brad Pitt, did he actually kill his partner Billie with a harpoon? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Quentin Tarantino gives the answer

July 24, 2019, Quentin Tarantino made his comeback on the American cinema scene with a brand new film that is surprising to say the least.

You will probably understand, so this is about Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood. And there are some very big headliners there!

Brad Pitt thus plays the role of Cliff Booth, Leonardo DiCaprio celui de Rick Dalton, while Margot Robbie finds herself in the shoes of Sharon Tate. A very high quality cast!

So we follow the adventures of the two men, the first actor in a declining career and the second stuntman, old movie star lining.

But those who have seen the feature film all ask themselves the same question … Did Cliff Booth really kill the one who shared his life ?

The very famous 58-year-old director gives the answer in the novelization of his work ! Released on June 29, 2021, the book goes into the details of a convoluted story.

« It wasn’t the first time that Cliff had committed a murder and got by ”, explains Quentin Tarantino by evoking the homicide of his colleague stuntman.

“The first time was in Cleveland in the 1950s. The second was when he killed his wife two years before the stuntman, he then specifies. This stuntman was the third time and he got away with it again. “

The character played by Brad Pitt and therefore well and truly killed Billie with a harpoon. From now on, there is no longer any possible doubt! MCE TV tells you more.

Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth

In his famous book, Quentin Tarantino still humanizes the character of Brad Pitt. He explains that this one has very quickly regretted his gesture.

“The minute Cliff shot his wife with the harpoon, he knew it was a bad idea, says the very famous American director. Cliff despised this woman for a time that seemed like an eternity. “

“When he saw her cut in two … Years of malice and resentment evaporated in an instant “, he then explains.

Like what, you should never give in to violence! But the stuntman is not really the type to discuss … Finally, that’s all the same what he did after spitting the one who shared his life.

The two lovebirds thus began a long discussion before the young woman dies. Facing the Coast Guard, the character played by Brad Pitt in Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood then spoke of a tragic accident.

« Cliff felt really bad about what he had done to Billie, explains Quentin Tarantino in his book. But even with these regrets, it never occurred to her not to try to get out of the woods. “

Now you have the answer!