Daughter Of Angélica Rivera Was Launched As A Singer In “La Desalmada”

Fernanda castro began his musical career with the release of When the sun rises, collaboration he made with the Mexican musician Paul vamer and that will be the official theme of the soap opera The soulless.

The 22-year-old is the second daughter they procreated Angélica Rivera and José Alberto Castro. Fernanda decided to venture into the artistic world through music and began with a great project, since she is in charge of interpreting the main theme of the soap opera that her father produced.

On the occasion of the premiere of The soulless, Fernanda Castro announced on her account Instagram what When the sun rises it is already available on digital platforms. With the description “midnight”, the singer posted the cover of her single.

Fernanda Castro will perform the official song of "The soulless"(Capture: @ fernandacastromusica / Instagram)
Fernanda Castro will perform the official song of “La Desalmada” (Capture: @ fernandacastromusica / Instagram)

In their stories of InstagramFernanda shared that she had a presentation with her friend Pablo Vamer in a bar, a space where both Mexican interpreters showed their talent with lyrics in Spanish and English. The singer was also accompanied by her band of musicians.

In an interview for different media, Verónica Castro’s niece spoke about the support given to her by “Güero” Castro and her mother to study music. She stated that collaborating with Pablo Vamer on a Televisa project meant a space of opportunities for both her and her friend.

“I like working with my friends from college and they are composers who maybe don’t know each other much today. I think that It is a great opportunity to start bringing out the young musicians that I have seen who break their mad ** studying and the opportunities do not come ”, he declared in the video recovered by the journalist Eden Dorantes.

Fernanda Castro premiered the official song of La Desalmada

Fernanda Castro took the opportunity to deny the rumors about an alleged competition between her and her sister Sofía, who is dedicated to acting. The interpreter mentioned that she is very close with her two blood relatives and that she is always happy about their triumphs.

That would be, if anything, envy. Sofia is doing well and I am 10 times happier than she is. I’m sure vice versa”, He commented.

The young woman explained that she does not like acting, so she is not interested in participating as an actress in soap operas or theater. He mentioned that the main reason is that he does not like to be in front of the camera, contrary to his older sister, who has participated in soap operas and series.

“I never liked seeing myself on camera. Then to act at school I was good, I believed it, maybe it’s in the blood but i don’t like to act“, He said.

Angélica Rivera and José Alberto Castro married in 1994 and divorced in 2008. The couple conceived three daughters of which only two are dedicated to the artistic world (Photo: Instagram @ sofia_96castro)
Angélica Rivera and José Alberto Castro married in 1994 and divorced in 2008. The couple conceived three daughters of which only two are dedicated to the artistic world (Photo: Instagram @ sofia_96castro)

Fernanda Castro commented that her life as the daughter of the First Lady of Mexico and stepdaughter of President Enrique Peña Nieto is a private matter and everything that corresponds to that area of ​​her life is reflected in the lyrics of her songs. However, she clarified that the politician treated her well: “I will be grateful to him all my life”.

Despite the fact that Angélica Rivera and the producer have been separated for just over 13 years, their family relationship can be considered as good. At the end of 2020, the Castro Rivera shared family moments that they showed off with their social media followers.

On the other hand, The soulless It will premiere next Monday, June 5 through the Stars channel. It is a production by José Alberto Castro that brings to the small screen a version of Colombian history The Lady of Troy.

Within the cast is Livia Brito, José Ron, Kimberly Dos Ramos, Marjorie de Sousa Eduardo Santamarina, Daniel Elbittar, among others. The novel will be broadcast at 9:30 p.m. and will last approximately four months.


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