Jennifer Aniston Affected By Matthew Perry’s Mental Health!

Famous Friends actress Jennifer Aniston has been deeply impacted by the mental health of her filmmate Matthew Perry.

In Friends : The Reunion, Matthew Perry opened up about his sanity, during the filming of the series. Jennifer Aniston reacted to his comments. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z!

Matthew Perry was very distressed

Friends : The Reunion took place June 24, 2021. During this special episode, the actors of the series got together to participate in games, tell anecdotes and replay some scenes. All lent themselves to the game.

At one point, David Schwimmer said he appreciated play in the presence of an audience. « I loved the energy of the audience there. It’s like playing a play every week ”, he said.

A shared feeling by the one who played her sister, Courteney Cox: “When the audience laughed, I said to myself: ‘You find that funny, wait and see what happens next’. I took it as a challenge! I found it rewarding ”.

If the two actors seem to have enjoyed the experience, this is not the case for everyone. Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow did not comment, however, Matthew Perry took the opportunity to do great revelations.

” Me I felt like I was going to die if the audience didn’t laugh. It’s unhealthy, I know. But if the audience weren’t laughing, I would start to sweat. I was having convulsions. If I didn’t get the expected laughs ”, he explains.

“You never told us”, exclaimed Lisa Kudrow. What the actor replied to: “I felt this every night”. But the one who embodies Phoebe is not the only one to have been surprised to learn of this. Jennifer Aniston also. MCE TV tells you more.

Jennifer Aniston testifies

In a recent interview with Today, Jennifer Aniston wanted to return to the comments made by his filming friend, Matthew Perry.

« Yes hadn’t perceived the level of anxiety and torture in himself that Matthew Perry was going through, if he didn’t get the laughter from the audience, and how he then felt devasté« , she explained.

Jennifer Aniston therefore appears to have been affected by testimony of the one who played Chandler Bing, Monica Geller’s boyfriend.

The latter also returned to his relationship with David Schwimmer. During the reunion, he said: “There were times when we were both crushed, but it wasn’t possible because one of us has always been in a relationship. So we never crossed that line, we both respected it« .

During the show The Howard Stern Show, Jennifer Aniston shared her opinion. “David was lovely. He was awesome. We were in a relationship, it was never the right timement. And that wouldn’t have worked ”, she explained.

Before adding: ” Whatever our feelings, we’ve funneled it all into Ross and Rachel. And I think maybe that’s why it sounded like that to viewers. If I had slept with David, I would have said so proudly. But that never happened!« . So this has the merit of being clear !