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Within the horror genre, the slasher lived a golden age that reaped over almost three decades, from the 70’s to part of the 90’s, the films of this subgenre were produced and sold like hot cakes. And it is that, by the standards of those years, the elements that these tapes had were what the public demanded the most. Young guys go camping, booze, sex, the blonde, the muscular, the buffoon, and the killer thirsty for violence. Friday the 13th – 58%, Halloween – 94% O Nightmare on Hell Street – 15% They are three sagas that drank and took advantage of this time a lot, each tape represented in excess part of the mentioned elements. Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers y Freddy Krueger they became cult characters and standardized the serial killer archetype for the future.

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While over time these films had the same fate as westerns, at more contemporary dates they are still remembered with love and admiration by the general public and their respective fans. Stranger Things – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos76% Y American Horror Story: 1984 they have paid tribute, at least in part, to these classic films. What about The Street of Terror, Part 1: 1994 – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos93%?.

In 1994, a group of teenagers discover that the events that have terrorized their city for generations could be connected. In addition, it may now be their turn to star in the nightmare. First part of the trilogy based on the famous horror novels of R. L. Stine. Exclusive Netflix premiere.

Critics point out that it is a festival of the dead and large amounts of blood, the characters and the mystery that unfolds are the best, especially when it comes to being fond of. While the comparisons are obvious, this film is all about being original and creating its own style. Scares and references are the order of the day. It will surely arouse curiosity to see its second and third parts.

It is a love letter to the horror stories of the 90s, retaining the tone of the classic slasher that focuses more on entertaining its audience. The chemistry of its cast is the best, thanks to the freshness and talent of its young cast with whom it is a pleasure to spend time. Although the deaths of several characters could happen without pain or glory for a sector of the audience.

Without further ado for the moment, we leave you with the reviews of The Street of Terror, Part 1: 1994 – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos93%:

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Staff, from Wherever I Look:

… is for those who enjoy horror movies that are meant to be entertaining, present a quality story and tradition, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Staff, from Movie Emporium:

A funny movie (…) offers enough to be interested in seeing the next part …

Kristy Puchko, from IGN:

Fear Street Part 1: 1994 is a movie rich in characters, world building, references and scares.

Peter Debruge, from Variety:

“Fear Street” may seem like countless horror movies that have been shown before, but it’s trying to be original, and that may pay off in the two installments to come …

Mike Reyes, from Cinemablend:

An impressive death toll and tons of blood are balanced by an intriguing storyline and characters you will become fond of.

Patrick Cavanaugh, from The Guardian:

A love letter to horror from the 90s that defies expectations.

Rosie Fletcher, from Den of Geek:

… is a loving tribute to a particular era, which manages to avoid cynicism in part due to a young and talented cast that is a pleasure to spend time with.

Michael Ordoña, from Los Angeles Times:

The cast is attractive enough and does well with what it has. Flores is endearing and Hechinger is fun.

Molly Freeman, from Screenrant:

… is not the most original or attractive slasher horror movie, but it is entertaining enough to have a good time at home.

David Honest, from IndieWire:

There is so much information to take in that, the deaths of important characters are ignored, key relationships are not connected and any sense of intrigue that the killers bring with themselves is lost along this line.

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