Tucumán Cine Festival: A Hundred Films Will Be Part Of Gerardo Vallejo

“Immortal”, the film directed by Fernando Spiner and with the performances of Belén Blanco, Daniel Fanego, Diego Velázquez and Patricio Contreras, was chosen to open the new edition of the Tucumán Gerardo Vallejo International Film Festival, which will once again be made digitally (just like last year). Again, access to all programming will be free.

This drama, with fantastic elements about a young woman who is reunited with her dead father, will be presented out of competition and, like the rest of the programming, will be available for 24 hours on the portal tucumancine.gob.ar on the opening day on Friday 23 of this month. The closing will be on Saturday 31, in the only face-to-face proposal of the meeting with the ceremony to announce the winners at the San Martín theater.

In this edition number 16, the festival will have four categories in the contest, one of them debut. There will be the Latin American and Caribbean Feature Film competitions (with a prize of $ 200,000), for which 11 films from 10 different countries were selected; the Argentina of Feature Films ($ 100,000), with nine productions; and Argentina for Short Films ($ 50,000), where 24 titles will be seen (they will be available on the national platform Cont.ar, apart from the festival’s institutional page). As it has been happening, there is no difference between fiction and documentary. To these, already existing, is added the competition for video clips from Tucumán ($ 25,000), which has 15 productions on the agenda. Juries may award special mentions (unpaid).

In addition, unofficial prizes will be awarded for directors in competition, editing and interpretation (the latter will be endowed with $ 25,000, granted by Sagai, an entity that defends the rights of actors and actresses); and Cine.ar for the best short, in acquisition.

The first two categories are limited to first and second films by new directors, but in the rest there is no experience limit for the filmmakers.

As usual, these films in dispute are joined by others in special cycles. Thus, the DAC (Argentine Cinematographic Directors) Gender Show will offer five productions directed by women; while that of the School of Cinema of the National University of Tucumán, eight productions also by local authors. And there will be a retrospective of the work of Paula Hernández, with five of her films.

A novelty this year will be the projection on an air channel (the signal and schedules are still being defined) of a series of Argentine horror films, to summon a new audience, among other proposals. The participation of films from Morocco and Colombia in the “World Cinema” section is also being finalized.

Once again there will be a space for training, which will also be virtual, with courses and talks: the list includes, among others, “A current view of audiovisual production – Chain of rights, regulatory framework and access to financing”, to position of Mariana Vilpi and Florencia Díaz; “Introduction to the art of pitch”, with Mariana Sánchez Carniglia; “Workshop on immersive projects”, by those responsible for Digital Territory; and “Guión”, with director Carlos Sorín. From the Tucumán Audiovisual Space, tutorials for projects in development are announced, where Lucas García Melo, Ana Basualdo, Martín Falci and Mariana Klyver will participate; a direction assistance workshop with Alex Acosta and another on transmedia, with Sebastian Barros.

“We are very happy with the programming, which has a strong presence in women in all roles. Our purpose is to give a general screenshot of regional, national and local cinematography to show its growth, with themes that represent us and to be able to know what is happening in the industry “, highlights the head of the Audiovisual area of ​​the Cultural Entity, Adriana Chaya, responsible for the organization.

The official highlights that “in all instances, from the production to the jury and from the samples to the competition, there is a presence from Tucumán, which speaks of the emerging power that is developing in the province.” “A distinctive characteristic of this year is the great female presence, which makes it possible to make visible the work of women in different roles, and this time, mainly in management. We are also excited about opening up to the rest of the continent, with the first step that we are taking in an agreement with the Uruguayan Cinematheque, which we later want to expand to other neighboring countries ”, he highlights.

In the field of Tucuman participation in competitions (not counting the video clips, where all are local), there will be a presence in the Argentine feature films section with the documentaries “Laguna del Tesoro”, by Sebastián Agulló, and “El corazón del Bañado”. by Gonzalo Seleme; (see “Chosen feature films”) and in national short films with “Dr. Heller ”, by Alex Acosta, and“ Devoción ”, by Valentín Álvarez Sabouret.


– In both the Latin American and Argentine feature film competitions, the films will be evaluated by actress Valentina Bassi, editor from Tucumán Agustín Toscano and Rodrigo Díaz.

– In national short films, the judges will be Facundo Morales, Mariana Sena and Verónica Quiroga (from Tucumán).

– The video clips will be judged by Alejandro Gallo Bermúdez, Jéssica Praznik and the local singer Luciana Tagliapietra.