Aidan Gallagher, Logan Lerman And More: This Is The Next Generation Of Actors

Aidan Gallagher, Logan Lerman and more: This is the next generation of actors

Internet Movie Database shared the list of the 35 actors who are part of the new generation of Hollywood. Remember that IMDb is an online database that stores information related to movies, production team personnel, actors, television series, television programs …

Aidan Gallagher via Instagram.

On this occasion, we will share the most recognized names so far. You can see the complete list by doing click here.

5 Next Generation Actors Under 30

1. Logan Lerman: was born on January 19, 1992 in Beverly Hills, California (United States). She began her professional career as an advertising model in her childhood. He made his film debut playing a son of Mel Gibson and brother of Heath Ledger on “The patriot” (2000). It was Percy Jackson in adventure fantasy “Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief” (2010), film based on a novel by Rick Riordan.

2. Aidan Gallagher: was born on September 18, 2003 in Los Angeles, California (United States). He began his career with a brief appearance on ‘Modern Family’. He got his first starring role in Nickelodeon, ‘Nicky, Ricky, Dicky y Dawn’. Now act to Netflix on ‘The Umbrella Academy’.

3. Jacob Tremblay: was born on October 5, 2006 in Vancouver (Canada). He made his film debut in 2013 appearing as Blue on “The Smurfs 2” (2013). Two years later, in 2015, Jacob landed a starring role in “The room” (2015), drama based on a novel by Emma Donoghue in which he was the son of Brie Larson.

4. Ty Simpkins: was born on August 6, 2001 in New York (United States). He is recognized for his performance in ‘Iron Man 3’ Interpreting Harley Keener, ally of Tony Stark. He was also the main protagonist of ‘Insidious’ and its sequel ‘Insidious: Chapter 2’, like Dalton Lambert.

5. Tom Holland: was born on June 1, 1996 in Kingston upon Thames (United Kingdom). He began his theater career in 2008 playing the main character in the musical Billy Elliot. Later, he had an important participation in the catastrophe film ‘The impossible’. Now he is the new protagonist of the films of Marvel Studios What Spider-Man.