25 Years of Career, Jamrud Had a Hard Time Being an Independent Band : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Emerald experienced ups and downs in his 25 years of career. In March 2017, the rock band from Cimahi, West Java left Log Zhelebour, the management that brought them to the top of their careers.

At that time, Jamrud personnel had experienced difficulties. The reason is, they have to move on their own to take care of everything, from production to marketing of works.

“If it’s difficult, it’s really difficult. Because previously we were under management and labels,” said Azis MS, the guitarist in the TB Simatupang area, South Jakarta, on November 23, 2021.

He added, “During the dozen years under our management and label, we only had music and concerts. Once off 2017, yes we really did everything ourselves.”

Despite the difficulties, at that time Jamrud still released an album. Azis admitted that the album was handled by the five Jamrud personnel without management intervention.

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Azis MS in his statement said, “It’s quite difficult because Jamrud is a stage band, the concept is all to the stage, they don’t take care of the production. We don’t think that the next dozen years will be like this.”

After all that he went through, Jamrud managed to build a career in the Indonesian music industry for 25 years. Now, they are ready to hold a virtual concert titled ‘Perspective’ under the auspices of SRN Entertainment.

Jamrud had a hard time after leaving management. (Photo: Instagram/@jamrud_official)

In the concert, there will be a total of 12 songs that will be performed. Jamrud also collaborated with a number of singers to perform their songs, such as Evie Masamba, Andmesh, and the music group A2L.

Concert 25 Years of Emerald ‘Perspective’ will be broadcast via service streaming Video on November 24, 2021, starting at 19:00 WIB.*

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