3 Current Photo Styles of Maria Vania, Her Body Smoky Always Makes Netizens Glaring : Okezone Celebrity

Maria Vania’s contemporary photo style which is often uploaded on Instagram has always had its own charm. Having an attractive body shape, Maria Vania often steals men.

Her sexy appearance style in every photo is also often in the spotlight. Like some of the following photos of Maria Vania, which will be reviewed Okayzone.

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Main Golf

Maria Vania’s contemporary photo style. (Photo: Instagram)

Lately, golf is not only a sport that is loved by the upper middle class. The younger generation also actively dominates the golf course.

Just like this beautiful ball presenter. Even though he has reached the age of three, he also doesn’t want to lose to look contemporary.

Through her Instagram account @maria_vaniaa, Vania shares her stylish portrait holding a golf club. He is also complete with golf attributes, such as white shoes, a white short skirt, an orange top that makes up his sexy body, and gloves, you know.

In the caption she wrote, the woman who was born in Bandung apparently is still new to the sport of golf.

“Those who are good at playing golf, please teach Vania,” he wrote.

Vacation on a Yacht

Maria Vania's contemporary photo style

Maria Vania’s contemporary photo style. (Photo: Instagram)

In the midst of this pandemic, many celebrities take advantage of their free time to vacation privately in Bali and Labuan Bajo.

One of them is Vania. The role of Irma in the film Pariban (2019) chose to take a vacation to enjoy the beautiful sea of ​​Bali on a yacht, you know.

Uploaded on November 16, 2021, Vania was seen wearing a short sleeveless white top and a mini skirt that wrapped her sexy hips. In the portrait, Vania looks stylish at the front of the ship by wearing her glasses.


Maria Vania's contemporary photo style

Maria Vania’s contemporary photo style. (Photo: Instagram)

Not only golf, Vania is known to like doing the gym, yoga, and jogging, you know.

Quoted through one of her Instagram uploads, Vania had time to show off her body goals while at the place where she practiced. Through her portrait, Vania is seen from behind taking a 4 kilogram dumbbell. Complete with a sports bra and red trousers that wrap her body tight, Vania looks so alluring.