3 Days Open, House Donation for Sky Gala Almost IDR 1 Billion : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Vanessa Angel’s departure to the lap of the Almighty, with all her life stories, seems to have attracted the sympathy of the people in Indonesia. Not a few people asked one of Vanessa’s friends to do a fundraiser and buy a house for the Gala Sky.

After having opened a fundraising event on November 26, 2021, Marissya Icha, who is Vanessa’s best friend, appeared to upload a video showing the printout of a passbook. He also said that the print out of the passbook had a large enough amount to surprise him, because it had an amount of up to Rp797 million.

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“Oh God, I got goosebumps this morning. This is the total that has entered Rp. 797 (million),” he said in a video on Instagram Story.

“But you need to know, this is only one book. So I asked for all the books to be printed, it turned out that it had to be me and Auntie’s mother who came back to the bank to make a new book. And masha Allah, he said it could be up to 3 books,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Marissya Icha plans to return to the bank with the late Aunt Andriansyah’s mother the next day. The two of them went to the bank to print their passbooks, they would even do it after attending the Gala Sky custody trial which was held at the West Jakarta Religious Court.

“Maybe tomorrow I can go to the bank after the Gala trial. If tomorrow after the trial is not enough time, maybe the day after tomorrow I will update again,” wrote Marissya.