3 Latest Indonesian Films During the Pandemic, Let’s Watch! : Okezone Celebrity

WIRING The Indonesian film world is slowly rising in the midst of a pandemic. There are three latest Indonesian films by the nation’s children.

The three films are Ballad of a Crazy Lover, Marriage and Message Behind the Clouds. All broadcasts on one of the OTT (over the top) application service providers watching movies, KlikFilm.

The three films that can be seen today, Friday, August 20, 2021, are Ballad of a Crazy Lover, by director Anggy Umbara, Marriage by Danial Rifky and Messages Behind the Clouds by Sunu.

These three local films are also studded with young stars, from Denny Sumargo and Sara Fajira, husband and wife Ge Pamungkas and Anastasia Herzigova to Refal Hadi and Hanggini.

For the film A Crazy Lover featuring Denny Sumargo and Sara Fajira as people with mental disorders (ODGJ) as lovers, the story is adapted from the novel by Han Gagas who was selected from the 2020 Falcon Script Hunt event.

While Marriage, presents a display of the story of life after marriage. The director, Anggy Umbara said that by bringing Ge Pamungkas and Anastasia Herzigova who are a married couple in real life as the two main characters, the film Marriage has more value because they really experience married life to their daily conflicts as a married couple. wife.

Furthermore, through Messages Behind the Clouds, Sunu as a director tries to present many messages that relate to everyday life. Not only about the love life of women approaching the age of 3 with the target of marriage, life values, brother-sister relationships, to comedy spices.

Denny Sumargo, who played the role of ODGJ in A Crazy Lover, said that almost all the scenes he played were very challenging for him as an actor.

“Almost all the scenes are challenging, but there are two scenes that are very relatable, which makes me feel this is the real acting, expressing that feeling through dialogue,” said Denny Sumargo in a virtual press conference, Friday (20/8/2021).

Meanwhile, Ge Pamungkas, said that the film Marriage could be a material for reflection for married people.

“This film depicts the reality that occurs in a marriage. So marriage is not always as beautiful as a rainbow and as bitter as bitter melon. I hope people out there can take a lesson from this film.”

As for Messages Behind the Clouds, the main star, Refal Hadi revealed that he himself hopes that through this film the audience can catch the message that unexpected random things in life can actually bring new happiness.

“The message, random things actually make life can actually bring beauty to life. It makes our lives far beyond our expectations, more exciting and fun,” concluded Refal.