3 Modern Photo Styles ala Natasha Wilona Wearing Thigh Shorts, Netizens: Wow Sexy! : Okezone Celebrity

Natasha Wilona’s contemporary photo style always charming. Natasha Wilona is a beautiful artist who always looks attractive.

The charm of her face is never boring to look at. Both female and male netizens are big fans.

Here are three contemporary photos in the style of Natasha Wilona written on Friday (7/1/2022).

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With mom

Natasha Wilona’s Contemporary Photo Style. (Photo: Instagram)

Taking a vacation with her mother, Natasha Wilona looks fantastic. He combined hot pants with a long-sleeved crop top that made his stomach visible.

This beautiful soap opera actress also looks very charming and many consider her to be sexy. Can’t believe it?

“Nice kk ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” said ling ***

“Sexy,” wrote buk***

Sexy clothes

Natasha Wilona's Contemporary Photo Style

Natasha Wilona’s Contemporary Photo Style. (Photo: Instagram)

Like most other young girls who choose a crop top when they want to look sexy, so is Natasha Wilona. This time, Wilo’s sexy and cute OOTD combines a plaid crop top with a combination of ivory and white colors that shows off her flat and smooth belly and small waist, along with hot denim ripped pants as a bottom.

“Wilona never eats seblak, doesn’t she, her stomach is very slim,” said Yoan_****yoza87

on the rooftop

Natasha Wilona's Contemporary Photo Style

Natasha Wilona’s contemporary photo style. (Photo: Instagram)

Rooftop is always a cool photo spot. Natasha Wilona also poses beautifully sitting on a chair while on the rooftop. His outfit also makes him fail to focus, he wears a tight orange tank top with hot pants with a garus motif combined with a shirt as an outer, then he carries a bag and cute sneakers.

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching,” tulis sang artis.

“Wow,” replied netizens who were amazed at his style.