3 Modern Photo Styles ala Rachel Florencia Only Wearing Bra and Thong, Netizen: Her Sexy Mom : Okezone Celebrity

Rachel Florencia’s contemporary photo style The thing that stole the most attention was when she was wrapped in a sexy bra and thong. Let’s see the style!

You need to know, Rachel is a model, musician and also known as a sexy gamer. Rachel had tried to audition for JKT48 but was unsuccessful.

However, after that, there was an agency that pulled him to become a Japanese idol, with his voice cut off, his hair in a ponytail so that he looked like an anime character.

Let’s take a peek at the following three contemporary photos of Rachel Florencia, written on Friday (14/1/2022).

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leopard bra

Rachel Florencia’s contemporary photo style. (Photo: Instagram)

Rachel wore a brown-and-white leopard print bra teamed with a black thong. Ash balayage hair like this makes him look like a Korean girl.

Plaid bra

Rachel Florencia's contemporary photo style

Rachel Florencia’s contemporary photo style. (Photo: Instagram)

Playing the swing, Rachel Florencia’s sexy pose clad in a monochrome checkered bra is even more tempting. He also combined it with a black thong, making part of his body exposed.

“Swing me higher,” wrote the woman who is also a musician.

“Push it from the front or what, sis ,” replied a netizen.

Melet pose

Rachel Florencia's contemporary photo style

Rachel Florencia is also sexy in a black bra and black bottoms. This melet pose makes the men even more excited.

“Byebyesummer,” he wrote.

“Ma’am is sexy,” replied netizens.

“Plump 😍,” said another.

“So hot😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥,” said another netizen.