3 Portraits of Irish Bella Young Mamas who are increasingly Shiny, Netizens: Beautiful No Debate : Okezone Celebrity

BABY Air Rumi Akbar is one year old. Irish Bella increasingly exudes her charm as a young mother at the age of 25.

Mother and daughter are often seen getting along in various situations. Being a mother of one child doesn’t mean Irish Bella doesn’t think about skin beauty.

Let’s take a look at the following portrait, summarized Okayzone Sunday (9/1/2021).

Compact with family

Irish Bella always shows off her cohesiveness with her children and husband, Ammar Zoni. After Baby Air Rumi was born, Irish Bella really focused on taking care of the children.

Her beautiful aura is also reflected in this photo. It walks with son and husband in a cool garden. Irish is also happy with his life now, starting in 2022.

“Starting 2022 with my Ohanađź’š


irish bella

It looks so elegant when side by side with Naabella Tamim as the founder of Helwa Beautycare, Deputy Mayor of Malang Elly Estiningtyas. Ammar Zoni’s wife looks charming in a black and gold themed dress.

She dismantled the beauty routines carried out at the launch of the Helwa Blanc Body Soap with Gold and Charcoal product in Malang, East Java. Yes, according to him, one of the most important is how to choose the right soap for young mothers.

“My advice, choose a beauty soap that has a lot of natural ingredients so it’s safe to use at any time and is suitable for all skin types,” said Irish Bella.

Recent photos

irish bella

Irish Bella still likes to appear in a contemporary style even though she has become a mother. Well, for young mothers, of course, Irish Bella’s appearance is very inspiring.

Simple style with pants and a shirt with a band, Irish Bella is so charming. Who does not praise the appearance of this one artist.

“It’s very beautiful no debate,” said emi ***

“Irishbella is beautiful, really likes her appearance,” said Erna ***