3 Pose Hot Mom Jessica Iskandar in Bikini Showing Baby Bump, Netizen: Coquettish : Okezone Celebrity

PREGNANT second child, Jessica Iskandar’s portrait is getting sexier. Not infrequently she was dubbed as a hot mom.

When pregnant, Jessica was still very sexy with her baby bump. So how are Jessica Iskandar’s sexy poses in the middle of her pregnancy?

Let’s look at 3 poses for hot mom Jessica Iskandar below.

Pamer Baby Bump

Since the beginning of her pregnancy, Jessica has never been absent from wearing revealing clothes that reveal her belly.

Despite being pregnant, Jedar still seems to have an ideal body, you know. Through his upload a while ago on Instagram, Jedar was seen wearing a black knit crop top and posing holding his enlarged belly.

“Want to get pregnant like you are, sexy 😍” wrote Netizens in the comments column.

Wear a Bikini


Being pregnant doesn’t seem to make Jedar hesitate to wear a bikini. Moments ago, Jessica was seen wearing a pink bikini while swimming with Vincent.

Apparently, the moment was taken when El Barack was asleep so that the two could enjoy time together.

“El Barack is sleeping at noon, pregnant and pregnant women enjoying a sunny day,” he wrote.

“Beautiful and coquettish pregnant women,” replied netizens.

“Focus with sassy,” said another.

Hot Pose by the Pool


In contrast to Jedar’s sexy appearance wearing a bikini, this time Vincent Verhaag’s wife seemed to be posing hot without a bikini.

Dressed in a summer suit with a floral pattern, Jedar was seen sitting on the edge of a pond and surrounded by pink buildings. He also looks sexy posing slightly folded his legs.

“The definition of hot mom, sis, jes,” wrote Netizens.