5 Facts about the figure of Velline Chu Pedadut who was involved in a drug case, Number 4 Shocking : Okezone Celebrity

SWORD VU alias Velline Chu was arrested because he was involved in a drug case by the police. Here are a series of facts about Velline Chun that you should know.

Velline Chu is dubbed the Queen of Begal who is actively making YouTube content. He is a dancer who exists in the entertainment world under a well-known Indonesian label.

Furthermore, here are five interesting facts about Velline Chu. Let’s see so you’re not curious.

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Short profile

Velline Chu is arguably the most famous Pantura swordsman. She is a girl from the village of Losari Kidul, Cirebon, West Java. Velline Chu was born on September 20, 1990.


Not only talented in singing, Velline Chu also exists from modeling to acting.


When searched on the Google search engine, there are at least 7 popular dangdut songs sung by Velline Chu. The titles are Goyang Pantura, Coffee Saying, Addiction, Repentance, Begal Love, Naughty and Halal Area.

Have you ever been dragged into another case?

Velline Chu is also nicknamed the Queen of Begal from Losari. There are also many controversies from the swordsman that are spread on social media.

Previously he had claimed to be punched by his lover who was a police officer. The incident was carried out in the apartment because of jealous motives. This news also went viral in 2019.

He has also been involved with online loans and his exciting photos will be shared if he doesn’t want to pay a certain amount of money. This news also emerged in 2021.

He felt he had paid the debt and finally reported the loan to the police. In early 2022, he was dragged down by bad news again.

Yes, Velline Chu is called a VU swordsman who was arrested by the police for drug possession. The police secured evidence of shabu from the hands of the Ngopi Say singer.

Early 2022 caught in drug cases

The VU singer was arrested by the police on Saturday, January 8, 2022. However, on Monday (10/1/2022), the police just released this case.

The Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Pol E Zulpan said the case was handled by the Narcotics Unit of the South Jakarta Police. From the arrest of the VU dancer, Zulpan said the police confiscated several pieces of evidence.

“The evidence that was secured was 1 pack of crystal methamphetamine clips weighing 0.08 grams, one pipette containing 2.78 grams of remaining used methamphetamine, then a glass bong and 1 plastic bong for HP units,” said Zulpan at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Monday (10/1). /2022).

Zulpan said that VU was secured at his house in the Citra Grand housing estate, Bekasi. Zulpan also said that now VU was officially named a suspect.