5 Life Problems of Bunga Zainal, Number 4 Surprisingly Converts to Love: Okezone Celebrity

FLOWER Zainal reveals his life’s problems which are quite surprising. Including when she married Sukhdev Singh, who did not get the blessing of her parents and wanted to change religion for love and stability in life.

He also bluntly admitted that his parents were not present at his wedding. Here are 5 facts about the marriage of Bunga Zainal and Sukhdev Singh, quoted from the NGOBROL ASIX YouTube channel, Monday (8/11/2021).

1. Relationship with parents is tenuous

Through a podcast hosted by Ashanty, Bunga Zainal explained how she struggled to get marriage approval from her parents. Apparently, at that time Bunga Zainal was at the peak of his entertainment career. His mother and manager did not like his intention to marry young. What’s more, they have a considerable difference in religion and age.

“My mother used to be my manager. I was at the peak of my career. Then I stopped asking for permission to marry. Then, my mother didn’t like it because of differences in religion, age,” said Bunga Zainal in the video.

At that time, Sukhdev Singh intended to approach and ask permission from Bunga’s parents, but his mother misunderstood his intention. Sukhdev was considered disrespectful and disrespectful to his mother.

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2. Married without parents

However, Bunga Zainal was not afraid. Instead, he decided to marry Sukhdev himself without his parents present. After the incident, Bunga deliberately told her parents when she was pregnant with her first child.

“When I got married, my mom and dad didn’t approve of me. In the end, I married myself. They didn’t come. The process was also out of town, not in Jakarta either. Finally, I just told my mom when I was pregnant. Then maybe my mom had to come. Yes, I’ve come to see my son.” beber Bunga Zainal.

3. Separated from husband by parents

The struggle did not stop there, after Bunga’s first child was born, her parents were still trying to separate Bunga and Sukhdev. Finally, Bunga Zainal was separated from her husband and lived with her parents.

“Until my first child is born, how do you separate it, so I’m separated from my husband, I live with my mother,” said Bunga Zainal.

“Seriously? How long,” said Ashanty who was surprised.

“3 or 4 months, my son is still 3 months old. He gave me a choice he (Sukhdev Singh) didn’t want me to stress at that time. So, he was like, ‘Just try to follow what he wants’, ” he said.

4. Lost contact with parents

Feeling uncomfortable living with her parents, Bunga Zainal decides to run away from home. She said that it was more comfortable to live with her husband.

“But in the end I ran away. Because I felt uncomfortable, I was comfortable with my husband,” she explained.

Finally, Bunga Zainal asks Sukhdev Singh to pick him up. Since then, Bunga Zainal has not contacted her parents for years.

5. Admit mistakes

Then, when she was pregnant with her second child, she decided to go back to her parents to apologize for all her mistakes. The mother finally melted and accepted Bunga’s decision.

“Until I finally got pregnant with my second child, I’m sorry. Mom, I’m pregnant for the second, that’s how it is. Mama was annoyed but in the end, maybe because I saw my grandchildren too, it’s funny. Then, I welcome too, I know I was wrong, I was wrong. wrong. That’s why I came to my mother to apologize,” said Bunga Zainal.

However, this beautiful actress admits that going against her parents is a mistake. Now, Bunga Zainal’s relationship with his parents is fine. In fact, his second child became the favorite of Bunga Zainal’s father.

“My youngest child is my papa’s favorite, even though his face is the most similar to my husband,” said Bunga Zainal.